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Michael Senoff's Students Speak Out... Listen To Their Comments and Testimonials Below...

Spend 20 minutes a day visiting these sites with a paper and pencil handy and you'll find at least 5 practical, useable ideas each and every day that can boost your results and income!

Bob Pike

Hi Michael,


Luis is like a Fox looking for a pray in the minds of Blind Foxes.

Yes, I admit I been in the Internet 6 hours a day 5 days in a week within a year and I never came across this kind of Valuable information.

I was stunned to discover the Ad Flip. This info is priceless. I can't take my hungry soul to search the best collection of Full Colored Ads from 1940's up to present.

Secondly, I found the Archive website so stunning, I even laugh when I saw how funny it look like the site of a Hard-core Internet Marketer way back in 1998. I can't wait to listen to the rest of the Interview. You are right, this information is worth more than you expected.

Richard Alcebar
Author "Money Making Secrets Exposed!"


WOW ! There really have been acres of diamonds laying latent all this time via my internet connection. After listening to Michael's interview with Luis, it exposed such a broad array potent information that can normally cost a small fortune in consultation fees or marketing research costs.  No more! You will not only discover many hidden sites on Michael's "Best Marketing Research Sites" audio interviews that will save you countless hours of research time and /or consultation fees, but you will also learn how to best utilizes many potent features from websites that you already knew about, and never used to maximum capacity. This is a must for anyone remotely connected to the world of marketing or those looking to gain a competitive edge in any field and industry.

With kind regards,
Peter Aylwin
Sydney, Australia


I couldnít believe all of the fantastic information that was given in your interview with Luis Arauz about his 67 secret web sites. He didnít just give the name of the web site and what information that it contained, but he also gave me the information on how to use each web site successfully for either my personal or business success.

Iím so excited because as I learned about how to use each web site, new ideas that I havenít even thought of before are now popping up in my head that will surely be successful for me. I would have never found this much wealth of information on my own. I canít thank you enough.

Michelle Mullen

Hello, Michael...

Well, after listening to your interview regarding Google, and thinking you couldn't have done any better, I finally completed listening to your 61 Hours CD. Needless to say, it was packed full of great information, and as much as I thought I knew, I learned tons more that can help me in my business.
Your interviewing style is superb, and you have a real knack of getting solid information out of your guests. Thanks for your efforts - I can't wait to get the printed transcript and your e book of classic ads. I know these items will allow me to take my business to even higher levels. Thanks again... you really go beyond the mark! Martin Howey

The Quantum Organization
Transforming The Way The World Does Business

Hi Michael,

Just got done listening to your first hour of Luis Arauz. What an incredible treasure trove of information. It's amazing that you get so many of the greats in the industry to spill their guts. Thanks for all of your hard work! I look forward to a long relationship with you and your company!

Looking forward to your next GREAT product!

Very truly yours,
John Jaworski


"I thought myself a very savvy internet user - that's until I listened to the audio interviews with Luis Arauz. WOW! This material is one fascinating education into the locations of the most powerful websites available on the internet today and most of these websites I hadn't even heard of before!!! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get the very most out of the internet."

Mr. Andrew J. Lawson
United Kingdom

Hi, Michael!

I'd like to thank you for the outstanding interview with Luis Arauz. The profit-making opportunities I gained from his amazing collection of little-known websites will be invaluable! And many of the sites are entertaining as well as informative.

The revelations about the hazards of so-called "freeware" alone were worth the time I spent listening to your fascinating interview.

Keep up the great work!

Tricia L. Geib
Cincinnati, Ohio

"Fantastic!  Luis shows you how to effortlessly find mountains of information that would normally cost you thousands of dollars if you paid for it!  Even better, you get it almost instantly!  As a professional marketer, I live and die by information. And these links have opened up whole new world for me to tap into. Even if you are just an average business person, you will be blown away at what is available on the internet... but ONLY if you know where to look for it.  With this powerful information at your fingertips, you CANNOT lose!  Please keep it coming Michael!"

Brian Andrews
Bakersfield, CA

Hi Michael,

Boy, you and Luis really did a valuable service!  Those files are PHENOMENAL.  The information is so valuable!

I've only made it through most of Luis 1 and part of Luis 2 so far, but I listen to more and more when I can make time.

The tips about how to find all sorts of things on the Internet really is invaluable to the owner of a small to medium sized business like myself.

Please keep up the good work.

Looking forward,

PS - I look forward to your collection of ads.

Dov Gordon
Senior Coach
The Gordon Group

Hey Mike,

I just wanted to say thanks so much for letting me listen in on your interview with Luis, Man it was Gold ! If one were to pick up on just a few of the many tools and Ideas you guys pitched out there some one will hit a home run. I know you have given me new hope to step up to the plate and swing.

Sincerely , David


I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that you audio clips with Luis Arauz are GREAT. Minute per minute I can't think of anything I've read or listened to in the last year that has been as rich in content. And keep in mind I read and listen to a lot!

Dave Woolsey



The audio interviews with Luis are Awesome!!!  I spend a lot of time researching things on the internet... and this info will be a HUGE help!  I had  no idea some of this information was available.  Thank you!

Bartley Jones

Bartley Jones Copywriting

Hi Michael

Well your offers are just too good to resist. The websites are great. The first time I visited them I had not realized how they related to the interview and thought, "yeah well, a list of sites..." but the information in the interviews just brings them to life. I am so glad I revisited them, thanks for emailing again. I had never thought of using them in many of the ways Luis suggests.

Having transcripts of the clips is just the icing on the cake. I have a slow connection here, and so being able to read it really helps, and means I can use it to refer to sections that I particularly want to utilize at any time. I have also just discovered the further pages of content - wow!

I look forward to seeing the ads too!
Many thanks
Simon Patrick

Dear Michael,

Thanks for your follow up e-mail.  I just downloaded the material from your site and find it very interesting. I lot of new ideas inside the "Gold Mine". Thanks for your sharing.

We Motivate,

Hi Michael,

I thought the interviews with Luis are your best to date.  So much information that one can use over and over again.  This stuff will never date.  I particularly thought your interviewing style is very laid back, to the point and highly beneficial - you always look out for your client.  I know I will be using these resources time and time again.  Once again keep up your great work Michael. 
P.S. I look so forward to your next set of interviews.
PSS. You have my permission to use this testimonial Michael, thanks.

Kind regards,
Gaetano Indomenico

Dear Michael,

First of all, thanks so much for the unbelievable welath of information you offer in general at your website. A lot of people (gurus) teach the theory of how to do things, but your website is an incredible resource to see tons of examples of how real live people are doing it in the real world. You've done it again with the Luis Arauz interview. I haven't had time to listen to all four hours yet, but it doesn't matter, because I got my money's worth in the first twenty minutes already. I use Google every day, but I never knew the resources exist in Google that Luis reveals. It's going to help me with the research I need to make sure my direct marketing projects are right on the money. Thanks!

Mark Warren
Victoria, BC


The information contained was really first rate I was hesitant to listen to them as I was unable to try to find the time however I had an appointment cancel so I listened to them and I have to admit I was completely fascinated in the info I got at least 20 great ideas just from listening to it so I will make time to review it again.



Oh my God!

Louis's set of interviews is absolutely incredible.

The best way I can describe it, is like trying to drink out of a fire hydrant.  It's so powerful, that you can't just take it all in at one time. In fact, if you blink your eyes, you can miss countless amounts of information.

I have learned more great Internet sites in an hour than I have in a year of searching and researching on  my own.  Some sites I don't think I could ever find on my own.

This is a great resource. It will take me years to exhaust all of this information.  These interviews are not just a Gold Mine, they are in fact THE WHOLE MOTHER LOAD.

Thank you so much for putting this together.  It is absolutely invaluable.

Al Robinson


Hi Michael

Very enlightening material. Glad to see you updated your web page and included a PDF download, now I can read the interview as I listen to them.. which overcomes the 'background buzz'.

Thanks for this cutting edge and FREE material !!
Tom Cone


Very interesting ideas and conversation.  Enlightening and informative. Great ways to use the Internet for research, for information and profit.
Thank you.

Lisa LeVan
Insight Services, Inc.

Hi Michael,

I have just finished your Luis tapes. Google answer is just amazing. I have started a joint venture with a masters student in IT from the Google Answers on web services. I would have taken hours of online and library research to write the scope and test the feasibility.

These audio's are catalytic development tools for anyone. I am now to write an e-book based on the responses of a newsgroup that I have been following for 2 years - because it is sooo easy. I have now bookmarked all the sites listed. Like you I will change my webpage using the automation with all those sites and tips.

I am altering my internet business philosophy with this information. Michael you are far better than Jay Abraham and Luis is a gem.

Can I share this information with others if I credit you as well.

Thank you very much.

Geoffrey Moss
Engineering Business Communication Technology
Tel +613 9397 0662 mobile +614 0358 8864
3 Hoffman Terrace, Williamstown 3016


Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed your audio clips with Luis - great stuff. Once I've mastered how to copy them to CD-ROM I'll listen to in the car to inspire my marketing ideas. Many thanks again

All the best
Simon Connor

I was very impressed with the direct usability of this information. I have thousands of links in my favorites that sounded possibly useful at the time I captured them. Most I never go back to. But Luis seemed to reach right into my mind for what I would really find useful and he gave me the link in this interview. I've been clicking like crazy looking at all the useful info. And I've already discovered some new ideas on Google Answers and Catalogs for information products. What a resource!

Matt Lupitsky


My jaw just about hit the floor when I saw how powerful these sites were.

How powerful? I was up till 4:30 in the morning visiting some of these great sites! ( I'm tired, but it was well worth it)

I especially liked the "google answers" site. I had heard about this site in an article, but for some reason, I didn't pay it muchattention. Big mistake on my part.

What a site. Before I went to bed, I asked the researches a medical question I have been concerned about.. Within hours they posted my answer. When I woke up, it was there!

The information they gave me really helped me out. They knew exactly where to get the information I needed.

Thanks again for the interview. I expect to find even more great ideas for future information products.


Don Benvenuto
InfoMarketing Publishers, Inc.


Thanks Michael,

My first thought was you must be crazy to try and ask for money for a list of web sites. But after listening to you and Luis go into such expert detail explaining why the sites are valuable, I am knocked out at the power of this information.

You also give valuable insights into how to use the sites and apply them to marketing and developing information products.

My advice to anyone reading this is spend an informative few hours now learning how to use these magnificent resources. It will save you hundreds of hours in the future.


Hello Michael,

      The sites cited are phenomenal.  But they were most impressive to me because you and Mr. Arauz are also very impressed with the sites.  If I were to stumble onto them on my own I might not take the time to fully appreciate them.  And even if they were referenced somewhere I probably wouldn't have given some of them the time and thought that they merit. You show that the interview format has great merit as a teaching device.  The one downside is I wonder how many other great sites there are out there being exploited by others which I'm ignorant of.  Thanks.


Hello Michael,

Just heard the recordings with Luis and I must say I'm thoroughly impressed.  This recorded conversation revealed some incredible websites which make creating information products embarrassingly easy.Just imagine, the world's most foremost experts are just one "click" away, at cheap bargain prices....even for free!!!

The internet has truly revolutionized the information product industry. This is information I would gladly pay money for.

Daniel Sotomayor

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