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"How I Personally Sold 45 Million Dollars Worth Of Products To Wal-Mart and Other Major Retail Giants.". I stumbled across this site, it totally impacted my life and changed my mind-set about marketing and the Internet completely. " Jim Davis a true disciple of Michael Senoff

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URGENT NOTICE If You Are Involved In Or Seriously Interested In Owning Or Running A Retail Store Listen To This One-Time Only, No-Holds-Barred, Every Secret Revealed Retail Secrets Marketing Seminar

If you're thinking about getting into the retail business or you have an existing retail store, then this audio will be the most important audio you ever hear. Here's why

I have grilled Marc Joseph about the secrets of owning and running a retail store. Marc has 34 years of experience in retailing and wholesaling. He is the CEO of DollarDays International, a premier Internet-based product wholesaler to small businesses and local distributors. DollarDays is a Web-based virtual warehouse, where small business owners can find great deals on small business-sized orders for more than 30,000 consumer products, from toys and household décor to apparel, electronics and seasonal merchandise. Due to its innovative business model, DollarDays prices are not only often far below those which most small business are accustomed to, but the offerings include many name-brand products as well as rock-bottom pricing on overstocked and closeout items. Marc currently has over 6000 customers that stock their stores with hot selling high profit merchandise.

As a result of helping DollarDays customers, Joseph wrote "The Secrets of Retailing..Or How to Beat Wal-Mart," where he details how small businesses can compete and even win against Wal-Mart and other giant retailers that come to their towns. In addition, Joseph provides expert advice to independent retailers of all sizes on the nuts and bolts of setting up a successful retail chain, and everything from the psychology of buying and hiring employees, to working successfully with vendors and promoters. I know that you'll find great value in this interview with Marc Joseph.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here

"Stop Door To Door Selling And Automate Your Selling In One Hour.."

If you are a sales person who relies on cold calling or going door-to-door to try to generate leads, then this audio will benefit you tremendously! Here's the background:

Tony is a full-time minister who has been trying to support himself on his own so that the church wouldn't need to support him and his family. Over the past few years, he's tried a few business ventures that were initially successful but didn't do well after a while.

He's currently a sales representative for a company that helps businesses to lower their electric bills. Basically, Tony is making a full-time effort pounding the pavement attempting to make his sales presentation to business owners. Although Tony's only been with the company for a few months, he's found that it's pretty easy to get in to make the presentation and his closing rate is 50%, which in my opinion is pretty good.

Listen as Tony and I role play a typical presentation of how his company can reduce a business's electric bill significantly. It's a very well organized, sophisticated presentation that Tony does using flip charts and doing calculations from the business owner's electric bill to determine if the business is a qualified prospect.

So, where are Tony's frustrations and how can I help him? Since he's got a good closing rate, he needs to put himself in front of more business owners than he can by going door-to-door. He needs a way to leverage himself in a way other than doing face to face presentations.

You will hear me come up with several ideas for Tony to accomplish his goal of leveraging himself:

  • Create a PowerPoint presentation from his current marketing material, add audio to it, and then put it on the Internet much like the Articulate presentation that I provide for HMA Consultants.

  • Send postcards to prospects directing them to the online presentation.

  • Get someone to do a recorded interview with Tony and put that audio interview online.

  • Tony could actually record himself giving his presentation to a real business owner over the phone. This would be a believable and compelling presentation that would contain a business owner's points of view as well as typical questions that are asked during a presentation.

  • Make a CD that contains his recorded interviews as well as the marketing presentation itself and send that to prospective customers. With this idea, I suggested that Tony provide everything necessary to sign up for the service along with the CD package so that he wouldn't even have to go out to get a signature.

  • Using the same CD mentioned above, find companies that would be willing to endorse Tony and his service. Create Joint Ventures with these companies and allow them to give the CD to their customers as a gift to help them save money on their power bills.

  • Be sure to get testimonials from satisfied customers of his company's service. Since Tony has only been with the company for a few months, the companies that he made sales to haven't yet realized their savings. Perhaps his fellow sales reps could provide some testimonials from their clientele.

  • Tony could contact the local media, positioning himself as an expert in saving businesses money on their electric bills. The media would be interested in this and would broadcast Tony's message to thousands of people.

I suggest that Tony take a risk-free trial of my Audio Marketing Secrets (AMS) product which contains everything he would need to know to develop and create an audio information product. Since Tony doesn't have a lot of money to invest hiring people to help him in the creation of his information product, I suggest that he do it all himself with the help of my AMS product.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here

How To Get Your Employees To Sell More Of Your Products And Services Then Ever Before Using The Proven Secrets Of Incentive Programs.

Organizations need motivation more than ever. They need customers to buy more and remain loyal. They need prospects to opt-in. They need to inspire employees to produce more and to deliver the customer what the company may promise in sales and marketing literature. In today's intensely competitive environment, it is critical for organizations to employ proven strategies that develop intense loyalty from employees and customers alike. A proven tool is the incentive program.

US corporations spend well over $120 billion on customer loyalty and employee incentive programs to accomplish a wide range of goals and objectives. The reason is simple, incentive programs work! As a matter of fact, they are considered to be amongst the most consistently effective and profitable marketing and human resource tools employed by all types of organizations.

- Incentives are proven to increase performance, by an average of 22% or more.
- Incentives consistently deliver a high ROI
- Incentives change long-term behavior
- There is an entire industry of resources and experts and resources committed to developing successful incentive and motivation programs.

In this exclusive interview, I talk to incentives expert Paul F, who shares with me his detailed 10-step process to insure incentive success. You will see why successful incentive programs start with a plan, not with a prize.

Paul tells me about an often overlooked and ignored method of tripling the return on an incentive program. He also lets me know proven methods you can use in your business that can double the effectiveness of an incentive program. You will learn how to avoid several major mistakes that could doom your incentive programs before it even starts.

After listening to Paul in this interview, you will see why using the services of an incentive expert is one of the best investments you can make.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here

How to Collect Money From
The Red Had Ladies

If you haven't heard of the Red Hat Society yet, you most certainly will and not just from this recording! The Red Hat Society is an organization of women who believe that there is fun after the 50 and that silliness is the comedy relief of life. There are currently over 800,000 members, and that number is growing rapidly.

That being said, I know that you will enjoy this consultation that I did with Pam. You will hear Pam give details of the Red Hat Society and describe her small business of selling Red Hat Society apparel online and through Ebay.

Although her business is successful, Pam felt that she wanted to develop some kind of information product for the fifty and over age group of women. She had listened to several of the consultations on my web site, and was hoping that I could help her with some specific ideas for products.

Listen as I quickly come up with an idea about creating an information product targeted specifically to Red Hat Society members:

Pam could create audio interviews with dynamic Red Hat Society members about their philosophies and how they have fun in the Red Hat Society. Listen to my advice about how to market these audios to different local chapters of the organization and, possibly, to the organization's national chapter.

Pam gets crash course in creating this information product:

· I give Pam a sample list of questions that she could ask her interviewees
· How to record the interviews
· How to edit the interviews
· Ways to make these interviews available to members of the Red Hat Society online.

We talk about how the market will determine the pricing of the product and how to get lists of names and email addresses of women who would be prospects for future products developed by Pam. The sky is the limit!

Pam comes away from this consultation with the determination to develop this unique product. As a listener, this consultation details all of the points necessary to develop your own unique information product in a simple, step-by-step fashion. This consultation is 30 minutes.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here

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Important News For Folks Who Swore They Would Never Try Selling Another Information Product

William Clemens recently purchased my Audio Marketing Secrets product and called me for some advice. William is the owner of an IT business that specializes in computer repair to small to medium sized businesses. He also does marketing consulting for a few clients and is in the process of negotiating a joint venture with one of his customers who gives Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advice to his own clients.

William's initial idea was for his associate to create an Information Product on the topic of SEO and then William would do the necessary marketing of the product. In return, his partner would pay him a percentage of the product's sales. Although SEO is currently a hot topic, in this interview you will hear my best advice to William about not participating in this joint venture: Hear why I think this is not a good idea including…

  • Why should William do all the work to market someone else's product when he could create his own Information Product and have complete control?

  • Will the SEO product even be a good product?

  • Can his partner even deliver a product?

  • How William's credibility and reputation could be on the line by having no control of the actual product and, instead, relying on his partner's knowledge and expertise.

Listen to this recording as we discuss why creating an SEO product may not be the way to go. William and I go on to discuss how to go about setting up joint ventures with Internet marketers. In this segment you'll learn:

  • How to approach expert marketers with non-competing products about doing a joint venture.

  • Why the person you approach should have a large list of customers.

  • Payment strategies for your joint venture.

  • If your product doesn't yet have a proven track record, how to approach your first joint venture and what your ultimate goal should be in order to negotiate more successful joint ventures.

In closing, you'll hear my absolute best advice for the creation of any Information Product to be excellent! I give William some tips about how to create the best possible product and why it is important for both your reputation and your continuing success.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here

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Only Way Left To Turn A Bum Opportunity Into A Money Maker Using The Power Of Voice.

Nido bought into a business opportunity with a company named Coastal Vacations and called me for advice about how to market his product. Coastal Vacations can be an MLM, but Nido paid $1,300 to become a distributor. He has the rights to sell vacations certificates for $6.95 a piece.

The certificate buyer can become of member of the Coastal Vacations club by booking one of several vacations at discount prices.

As a distributor, Nido's responsibility is to sell the vacation certificates. He had some ideas for marketing the certificates to restaurants, schools, and businesses so that these organizations could perhaps give the certificates as gifts to employees or patrons.

However, it takes a lot of time and effort for Nido to do cold calling, book appointments if he's lucky, and to explain the whole Coastal Vacations package. Additionally, there are back-end costs for Nido, such as a web site and all of those nice brochures about Coastal Vacations that he needs to buy to market his product.

As I explain to Nido, the vacation industry is huge and there are many, many places where people can get 'free' vacations just like those offered by Coastal Vacations.

Listen as I advise Nido to sell enough of the certificates to cover his initial $1,300 investment and then to create his own information product one that he has total control over. As we continue, I come up with an information product idea for Nido interviewing the top ten or so distributors at Coastal Vacations! After preparing and packaging the audio interviews, sell sets to Coastal Vacations who would then sell the audio product to the thousands of current and prospective distributors, promoting the business opportunity.

Another option would be to produce the information product and put it on a web site as a download that people would pay for. I suggest a few more interesting marketing possibilities for Nido that he is very interested in pursuing.

I think that you will enjoy this consultation with Nido because the material about the creation and marketing of an information product can apply to any topic! This consultation is 45 minutes.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you’re giving away for free? More click here

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How to Sell at Higher Prices Than Your Competitors The Complete Solution on How to Make Price Stick

Do you consider yourself lucky at playing cards? Well, whether you do or not, I know that you'll get a kick out of this interview I did with a gentleman named Drew. Drew is a very experienced player of online Texas Holdem Poker games. Texas Holdem Poker is extremely popular all over the world and there are many gambling web sites that host games where you can win (or lose) real money. All you need to play is a computer with Internet access and a valid credit card.

Drew explains that he now wins more than 90% of the Holdem Poker games that he plays using a system that he has devised. He has packaged his winning system into an Information Product. Drew got in touch with me because, even though Holdem Poker is immensely popular, his Information Product is not selling as well as he had anticipated. As such, this interview contains valuable information for anyone about how to better market Information Products.

Listen as I prompt Drew to tell me how online Holdem Poker games work, his favorite games, how much a person can win, and about his Information Product that contains Drew's secrets for winning at online Holdem Poker.

Topics that we discuss to improve Drew's sales include:

  • Drew is undervaluing his product the product's price should be higher. Much Higher

  • Perhaps a money-back guarantee should be offered to buyers.

  • Put more content into the web site, such as good audio to promote the product.

  • Hire a good copywriter to create a dynamite sales letter or have a professionally created audio infomercial.

  • Set up joint ventures with other businesses to promote his product.

  • Include audio CDs as well as the book as the product.

  • and many more valuable tips for success

You won't want to miss a minute of this consultation.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here

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"How I Bought And Sold On eBay A Ball And Made $3000 Profit Using A Secret Loophole In Our World's Economic System."

I Promise You Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before.

How in the world can this man have made $3000 profit selling a ball? What is this all about? If you learn what this enterprising Florida man has to teach you about eBay and the barter or the retail trade industry, you can make and save you and your family money for the rest of your life. This interview is about the worldwide barter and trade industry. You'll learn the best way to turn your time into an ongoing cash income stream. What transpired was an unprecedented 40-minute training class explaining how the major trade organizations operate, inside secrets of how their members obtain and use their trade dollars, the problems these members may experience, as well as the myriad of products and services traded by the members of these organizations. It's unbelievable! More important, you'll learn how to buy top-of-the-line goods and services in the trade industry for twenty cents or less on the dollar using my personal technique. I also reveal the best types of products and services to purchase trade dollars. After purchasing these goods and services at a low price, a person can either take advantage for his or her own lifestyle or business or can actually sell what was purchased for, perhaps, fifty cents on the dollar thus netting thirty cents or more on each dollar sold. You'll also learn about a great way to get signed up with these retail trade companies for free. This recording is in one part and is 40 minutes. For a

FREE REPORT Secret "Loophole" In World Economic System Makes Your Business Almost Immune To Competition, Rising Prices And Rampant Inflation go here

"If You Could Buy Something For $5 And Instantly Sell It On For $75 How Many Times Would You Do It?"

Welcome to my consultation with a determined, energetic woman named Brenda. We start out with how Brenda heard about me and my web site. This is a delightful story that I know you will enjoy.

I investigate Brenda's diverse employment history and discover how, as the manager of a retail store, she grabbed the "brass ring" one day and found her niche in sales. You will hear how, since that first "magical" sale, she has had not only interesting but successful sales positions in various industries. Brenda is indeed a multi-faceted individual who is a quick study as well as intuitive and resourceful.

Listen to Brenda's current endeavor with a business opportunity in catalog sales. Not only is she developing her own business, but she is in the process of creating an information product to market to people who would do sub-selling for her.

You'll hear my advice about the development of her business and her information product. I don't want to give too much away in this introduction, but listen as I advise Brenda about the objective of developing and selling an information product that will free her from becoming tied to another business. Her goal should be for her information product to become its own selling machine that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Brenda arrives at many new ideas and a lot of things to think about as she paves her own way to entrepreneurship. Anyone listening will be able to tell that Brenda will be successful in any business endeavor she chooses. I invite you to look for more information on Brenda's progress and success soon on this web site! This consultation is 45 minutes.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants. Why not get paid for the advice you're giving away for free? More click here

'I Didn't Believe It When David Said It Cost Less To Use A Print Broker Than Buying Printing Myself... Until I Tried It And Saved $1,000 In My First Month!'

Secrets From An Industry Insider

Here's a special interview that will give you some great information and ideas for the next time one of your clients has a need for printing services. In this interview with a gentleman named David, I found that it's actually less expensive and much easier to hire a good printing broker or printing distributor to handle your clients' needs than trying to source the printing yourself. Plus, using a printing broker prevents possible problems with mailing pieces.

David is the owner of a printing broker company named One Source Graphics. He has over 27 years of experience in the field of printing. You'll hear David's history in printing, which started when he was only 19 years old.

In looking for a cost effective means and quality printing, using a printing broker may be the way to go. The reason is simple: Not every printing shop has every piece of machinery or specialty to do everything it takes to get a job done. David points out that because of the strategic business alliances that printing brokers have with specialty printing companies, it will not cost you more working with a printing broker than if you sourced the printing yourself. Additionally, since printing brokers handle all facets of printing, they have the knowledge necessary to get the job done right the first time.

When asked about what is important to the marketplace in terms of printing, David states that price is not as important a consideration as trust. Businesses will gladly pay more if they know that their jobs will be done correctly and on time. As such, David's company does not portray itself as the cheapest place in town.

When choosing a printer, businesses (and HMA Consultants) much match their needs to the printer's capabilities. This is why it is best to find a printing broker that has a great deal of knowledge in the industry to get the job done right.

David and I discuss the trend of printing going to a digital process. David believes that the industry is still at the beginning of this trend but is quickly progressing more in the digital direction. Short runs fit the digital market very well. However, digital presses cannot be as competitive as machinery when doing large runs because of press speeds. Currently, the big advantage that digital presses over machinery is having the ability to print variable data on a piece, such as the customer's name.

David's organization sees a lot of direct mail jobs and handles complete fulfillment. Listen as we get into the intricate details of the tools made available by David's company and the US Post Office that ensure that the customer knows that he is getting what he paid for. Although the printing and fulfillment is handled by businesses who are strategic alliances, the actual printer broker will study the piece up front to ensure that it will print correctly.

Printing costs depend on things like colors and quantity. One fact that you should be aware of is that a customer always must pay a set amount up front regardless of the quantity desired. As such, the customer should look ahead to see if he will need that same piece printed again in the near future and if so, order the additional quantity for the future printing. This way, the customer will save money on the up front project cost.

Another important thing to consider is printing turnaround time. David says that the average turnaround time on a project is from 7 to 10 working days. Businesses that consistently mail dated pieces for an event run the risk of sending the pieces for the event too late. David recommends getting dated pieces out at least two weeks before the event.

As we discuss direct mail, David says that he sees more bulk mail. His experience with the success of his clients is mostly dependent on the client doing adequate testing of the mailing. Clients must do the proper research so that they don't throw a lot of money away.

David and I discuss:

  • If booklets are an effective way to market. We also get into the different methods used to bind booklets.

  • Good sources for printing small (60-80 page, black & white) trade paperbacks.

  • Finding the right fit for the printing of color post cards.

  • How digital file set ups are becoming more and more predominant and some very, very important issues if your digital set up is in the format of a PDF file.

  • How David's organization specializes in graphic design services. All the customer needs to do is send them the copy!

  • How David's organization is great for clients who are starting to collect names and email addresses to create a database. David's organization is expert at setting up good contact management systems.

  • How 'Send-Out Cards' have become such a fantastic sales tool. Again, David's organization will ensure that send-out cards go out to clients like clockwork and that contact management needs are fulfilled.

If you would like to contact David about his organization or his services, you can reach him by calling (888) 446-1139. MORE FREE recordings on how to make money as a marketing consultant click here.

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