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These Free Coaching Interviews will Teach You How To Make Money In The Coaching and Consulting Biz Even if You Have No Prior Business of Coaching Experience

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You're going to love what I've put together for you on this ultimate marketing consultant self help resource. It's 1000's of dollars worth of free coaching and business training. It's packed with free audio interviews, case studies and live demos on how to make money in the coaching and marketing consulting business.

Each one of these recordings is designed to give you the tools you need to get money coming in fast, even if you have no coaching or business experience. This training is free and you can download or play everything below now.

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How Do I Convince Clients To Try My Coaching When I Don't Have ANY Experience At All?

In this audio, coaching students from all over the world ask Richard their most pressing questions, and even an experienced marketing consultant could learn a thing or two from the answers. As always, Richard delivers the kind of advice and guidance you can't get from some generic marketing book. And the thing about Richard is: he really cares about every question, so you know he's giving you the most relevant answer possible.

Here are some of the questions you'll hear:

  • How can I market my business with little or no money?

  • How do I convince potential clients that I can get the job done?

  • What's the number-one expectation clients have when they employ you as a consultant?

  • I have a contingency contract and I've done the work but they're failing to implement my advice… How do I get paid?

  • How do you tell an ego-driven business owner that he's the problem?

  • What is the quickest way to get to the decision maker and capture corporate clients?

  • How do you divide your time between prospecting clients and servicing existing ones?

  • How can I expand my services globally?

  • And much, much more

Richard also goes over the three things you can do that will position you as an expert in your field. And if you're not sure how to price yourself so that you stay competitive in the marketplace, Part Two of the audio includes tips on that.

In fact, this session has something for everyone -- from the novice to the expert. Honestly, you can only gain from listening to these Q-and-A sessions with Richard. He has a wealth of information. So sit back and listen as Richard fields some pretty tough questions about HMA consulting.

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25 Years Of Marketing Coaching Experience Bottled Into One Short Hour

This is one of my favorite interviews. In it, you'll hear from a 25-year sales and marketing veteran named Richard who also happens to be the founder of the HMA marketing consulting system. As soon as I met Richard, I knew the wealth of information he held was different than anything I'd heard before. And after you listen to this audio, you'll know exactly what I mean.

The best thing about Richard is: he's never stingy with information. He shares knowledge that most marketing consultants would keep under lock and key. So what you are about to hear is a detailed interview full of useful tips, techniques and secrets that were collected for more than 25 years.

Here are just a few of the topics discussed…

  • What kinds of businesses are the easiest to close deals with

  • What exactly to say when cold calling that will pique interest, qualify prospects and save you time

  • How to form and use alliances to promote your consulting business -- without ever touching your wallet

  • What the number one killer of the consulting business is -- and how avoiding it can make you thousands of dollars every year

  • The steps you should take in the first 30 days as a consultant to successfully launch your career with no money at all

  • The problems with contingency agreements and why you should always charge a fee upfront

  • And much, much more

A little bit about Richard…
Back in 1990, Richard was one of Jay Abraham's protégés. And since then, he's taken that experience and expanded on it to form a consulting system that works for everyone - even people with NO money or experience. You see, his HMA system approaches consulting from a different angle, using practical methods and step-by-step modules.

So before you jump into the field of consulting, you'll want to listen to this audio at least once because it will arm you with a complete plan for success. And Richard is the best person to provide it. So sit back and listen to his many years of experience. This is an hour-long interview, broken into 20-minute segments. And at the end of the last segment, I'll have a special offer you won't want to miss. Enjoy.

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Ten Client Case Studies From Richard's Private Marketing Coaching Files.

Marketing Consulting Client Case Studies Vol. I

This next interview with Richard is about ten client case studies from Richard's private marketing consulting files. Listen in because I make Richard tell me everything he knows about how to think and act like a marketing genius. The best way for you to learn how to grow a business, is to hear real examples of how others previously have done it. Each case study in this interview below is a marketing consulting lesson by it's self. Included are Richard's secrets on what a marketing consultant goes through before he obtains clients. Learn one idea on how to get clients that is so simple but overlooked by 99% of all consultants. Hear what to charge your larger clients. Hear why you may not want to charge your smaller ones. Learn how to take ownership in your client's business rather then charging a fee. You'll need to study these ten case studies at least five times before they become second nature. Use these secrets and start lining up businesses in the next few weeks. You'll feel and hear Richard's true passion, skill and love for the consulting business. You'll experience his true ability and love for teaching you everything he knows. You'll tap into his 15 years of in-the-field experience. Go DEEP--DEEP--DEEP inside the marketing consulting world. If you're ever going to have the confidence to get in the consulting game, then you owe it to yourself to hear these stories at least once.

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He Want's To Be The World's Number One HMA Coaching...

Meet David Flannery He want's to become the world's number one HMA Consultant. David is from Ireland and he is 35 years old. David graduated with an MBA at the top of his class and has fifteen clients willing to pay close to $20,000 each for his consulting services. What's so special about David? Is he some kind of superman? What separates him for you? You're about to find out in this first of several recordings. Dave has agreed to let me record and document his clime to the top of the HMA consulting world. This first part interview is all about how David got his first 25 appointments. You'll hear about his methods for doing the opportunity analysis presentations. You'll hear how he conducted 60 opportunity analysis presentations with his actor friend for practice and you'll hear what he learned from this experience. Then you'll hear exactly how David takes his prospects through the opportunity analysis presentations closing all the way until the end. And then you'll hear exactly what he say's to close three out of four prospects he talks to. I hope you find this first recording with David helpful. You can do what David had done. The only difference between him and you is what's in your mind. It's all about your belief in your self and execution. Go for it! I believe in you. And stay tuned for part two to find out what it's like to be neck deep in work servicing up to 17 clients all at once!


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How To Get 17 Paying Coaching Clients in a Town With a Population of Only 15,000

Living in a town with a population of only 15,000, David Flannery's managed to pick up 17 clients, - including a bowling alley -- barter his services for a website and bank $60,000 Euro so far. (That's more than $78,000 U.S.). In this interview, David lets you in on how he's doing it and how you can do it too.

As an HMA Consultant with 17 clients, you can bet David has done his share of trial-and-error. Fortunately, you can benefit from his mistakes and experiences from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the ongoing series of interviews I'll be conducting with this top-notch consultant.

Here's what you'll hear in this interview:

First, David explains how he conducts his Project One company interviews so that they're chocked full of free-flowing ideas and useful information. Hear how he makes intimidated staff members feel at ease and why he'll never analyze his notes during the interview itself again.

David never negotiates his fees and he'll be the first to say that you shouldn't either. In fact, having to deal with low fees is one of the biggest complaints he's heard from other HMA Consultants. So, during this interview, you'll learn how he uses the phrase "20 percent in 20 days" to not only generate clients but to get them to pay his "set" fees -- $3,500-$5,000 per project!

Some of the other things you'll learn from this interview are:

  • How and why educating your clients should be your top priority

  • Why David will never use a proposal

  • Why sometimes a handshake is better than a "legalese" written contract

  • How to deal with rural, low-populated areas

  • How he views and overcomes resistance… and even

  • What a good business card looks like for an HMA Consultant

David also gives details on how the Core-Four Projects can easily be applied to "every single business known to man," even a bowling alley.

I know you'll learn a lot from the ongoing interviews with David Flannery. These are rare opportunities to get an inside look at the HMA Consulting process. I'll follow David every step of the way so that you can benefit firsthand from his experiences. Enjoy!

Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting Training


More How l Got My First Coaching Client - Stories From HMA Marketing Coach

The most often asked question from most of my students who are starting the marketing consulting businesses is "How do I get my first client?" This question was the catalyst for this series of audio interviews between Richard, myself, and existing HMA Consultants about how they got their first clients. Each interview is a gem in itself with the HMA Consultants relating their personal experiences with prospects, their first client, and their plans for the future.

Each HMA Consultant comes from a different background and had different reasons for becoming an HMA Consultant. As such, you'll hear the various ways they are using the HMA System in their businesses. By listening to each of these consultants, you may discover some new tactics to obtain clients for your own Marketing Consulting business. Enjoy!

David Part One Audio

David is a seasoned sales person and has done business consulting and development both online and offline for small to medium sized companies. He has a lot of experience in all facets of business consulting but was intrigued by the philosophy of the HMA System.

By becoming an HMA Consultant and using the materials provided, David has found that the HMA System gives him a "system" that weaves all of his other sales, marketing, and consulting skills sets together, maximizes his business, and make doing business easier and more effectively. You'll hear David tell us how he now approaches prospects and closes deals. He also discusses

  • Pricing strategies for his services

  • Qualifying prospects

  • How a whole career can be made out of just one of many pieces of the HMA System

  • How easy it is for David now to approach new prospects

Pete Part One Audio

Peter was a student of Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes for ten years. He owned and operated several businesses before becoming semi-retired.

Peter studied all of the free material about the HMA System and Marketing Consulting available on my web site After becoming quite astute and well-versed with what he had learned, he actually got his first client before becoming an HMA Consultant and obtaining all of the tools that Richard and I make available.

His first HMA client was a long-time friend who owned three businesses. The business that they wanted to focus on for growth was a light manufacturing business. You'll hear Peter talk about his current association with the lighting business to find sales representatives in several states.

Learn how Peter uses the USP when he works with their sales representatives to help them to sell the lighting products more effectively. Peter has found that the HMA System gave him a template for his Marketing Consulting business. He states using the Opportunity Analysis has been very, very successful with prospects. Peter enjoys having a systematized approach that the HMA System provides.

Also, listen as he talks with Richard about the importance of looking for motivated prospects. Dealing with people who are ready to make a change and grow their businesses is the only way to operate.

Bill Part One Audio

Bill has been a consultant for many years in the areas of accounting and business IT systems for small to medium sized businesses. His specialty has been mainframe and minicomputer applications. Unfortunately for Bill, these types of systems are being phased out and are being replaced with technology that Bill is not familiar with.

In trying to plan a new direction for his career, Bill realized that, over the years, he had developed a great amount of expertise in filling the needs of small businesses in the way of marketing. Again, the systematized approach of the HMA System was very appealing to Bill and prompted him to become an HMA Consultant

Bill frequents a restaurant where he has become friends with the owner. One day, he struck up a conversation with them about growing their business. Having recently bought the restaurant, they had already implemented some small promotions that yielded a good amount of growth for the restaurant. However, they wanted to grow it even more.

Bill suggested a couple of ideas that would grow the business without increasing the cost of their advertising. Bill tells us that, throughout his career, the majority of his clients were referred by word of mouth. Because of this, Bill has offered to do the first two projects for the restaurant free of charge in hopes that he will get referrals from the restaurant owner. He is currently in the first stages of the USP and implementing the USP into the restaurant's current business processes. Check back soon for more first client stories on Part Two. What are you waiting for? You have all of the tools you need in the recording on this page to get your first client. I hope to have your story here soon!

Matt Part One Audio

Matt is an accountant by trade but has always had a passion for marketing. In fact, before he became an HMA Consultant, he used the knowledge he'd gained from studying the work of Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, and other marketing gurus to help friends who owned businesses to grow their businesses.

Yet, he always felt that one thing was missing - a way to put all of his knowledge together into a systematized approach to Marketing Consulting. He had called me for a consultation some time ago to learn more about the HMA System and subsequently became an HMA Consultant after learned about all of the resources made available to all HMA Consultants.

Another of Matt's passions is EcoNatural foods and diet supplements. He had become very familiar with the owner of a company that he had been purchasing products from for many years. After studying the HMA System materials, Matt felt that the HMA System had provided him a turnkey system and all of the tools necessary to make a formal presentation and to conduct an Opportunity Analysis with the owner of the EcoNatural foods business.

Needless to say, the EcoNatural food manufacturer became his first client. Matt says that it was easy to close this client because he already had a relationship with him from purchasing his products and having the same passion for EcoNatural foods.

In fact, Matt's advice to new HMA Consultants is to study and learn the HMA System and its tools and then to approach businesses that you are already familiar with and have a relationship with. After working with these types of clients, you will have the confidence that you need to step up your own marketing efforts by approaching unfamiliar prospects.

In this interview, you will also learn about:

  • Potential problems in proceeding with additional projects with current clients who are too busy

  • Making bartering arrangements with clients who may not have enough money to hire a Marketing Consultant

  • Reducing your price per project by obtaining good referrals from companies who cannot afford your services

  • …and more little gems of advice!

Jez Hunt Part Two Audio

Jez has been a self-employed graphic designer for the past eight years. He purchased the HMA System about eight months ago but had not really focused on it due to his other business. However, he did spent a lot of time going through all of the materials made available to HMA Consultants in an attempt to learn the system and be well-prepared to begin his new Marketing Consulting business.

He met an accountant through a networking meeting that he regularly attends. As the two gentlemen became more familiar with one another, Jez found that the accountant had referred Jez to the owner of an auto repair center who wanted to grow his business. In fact, the auto repair center's owner was actually expecting Jez's call! During the call, Jez set up an appointment for the following week to do an Opportunity Analysis.

You'll hear how Jez planned for the meeting and refreshed himself on the process of doing an Opportunity Analysis. Jez found that it was very easy to take his prospect through the Opportunity Analysis. Further, he found in this and other Opportunity Analyses he has done since, that using the Opportunity Analysis Worksheet appeared to impress his prospects because he came across as being more professional because he had a "system."

During the Opportunity Analysis with the auto repair shop owner, it became clear that the business had several hidden assets. Taking the advice that he learned from the HMA System materials, he closed all the way through the presentation. It certainly paid off because his prospect was very excited about the possibilities of growing his business throughout the entire meeting.

And yes, he was able to close the client! Instead of charging on a per-project basis, Jez offered to perform his services on a retainer basis. Not only does it appeal to Jez to have a regular cash flow, but the client was happy that he didn't have to come up with a large lump sum payment.

Jez now has two clients and you will hear him talk about his work with his second client to date. This client, a design and printing shop, was also referred to him by his friend, the accountant. In fact, all of his prospects have been introduced by word of mouth.

Jez has done a few Opportunity Analyses that Jez has done that did not result in a close. Listen as Jez gives his thoughts about possible reasons that they he was not able to close these prospects.

Jez talks about his plans for the future of his Marketing Consulting business and how it is important to work with prospects who are eager to grow their businesses. Jez and his two current clients are, indeed, partners in growing their businesses.

Lastly, Jez offers some advice for new HMA Consultants

  • Watch and study the DVD's and/or listen to audios provided with the HMA System.

  • Absorb yourself in what Richard teaches and the advice that he gives

  • Study the Opportunity Analysis and practice it on friends and family to become familiar and comfortable with the process

  • Don't become disheartened if your Opportunity Analysis does not close every prospect.

  • You must look at it as getting practice and more experience. Besides, not everyone is going to be a proper client for you anyway. Being an HMA Marketing Consultant is fun - so enjoy it!

Simon R. Part Two Audio

Simon, a sixteen year old student from New York, has to be one of the most enterprising young people I've ever met. Although he is not an HMA Consultant yet, he plans to be one very soon. What he's done is study all of the free material on the subject of Marketing Consulting available and, using the knowledge he's gained, he's gotten two clients for whom he will be doing long term work as their Marketing Consultant.

Simon met his first client at his synagogue. Each week, he would talk to the businessmen there about how he was studying marketing. One of the gentlemen he spoke to was intrigued by Simon's tenacity and offered Simon a job as a Marketing Consultant with his fence business. Simon was up for the challenge. He figured that, even though he was young, he should be able to use his knowledge just as well as someone three times his age.

You'll hear what Simon proposed to the business owner and how he set up his pricing terms. Listen as Simon tells the story of his initial ideas about growing the business and how those ideas were rejected by the business owner. Taking an alternative approach, Simon put together a plan to quickly grow the business without his boss having to do a thing. The plan was extremely successful and put lots of money into his boss's pocket. This tactic established Simon's credibility so that his boss felt more comfortable trying Simon's initial marketing ideas.

An avid reader of leadership and marketing books, Simon was approached one day as he was leaving the library with a teetering stack of books. He was noticed by a curious businessman about the topics of the books Simon had chosen. After a conversation with the businessman which included Simon giving the gentleman some tips on Marketing, the businessman offered Simon a job as the Marketing Consultant at his lending business.

Finally, Simon gives his best advice for fellow Marketing Consultants to get clients. He states that you must be driven to succeed be willing to talk to people. He suggests ways to talk to people that will create opportunities for you as a Marketing Consultant.

Free Marketing Consulting Training

If You Want A Consulting Client For Your Marketing Consulting Business, Here's What To Do..

If you want to get into the consulting business helping businesses make more money with less effort, then do it. Don't let the cost of my HMA system stop you. You have everything you need to go and find a paying client right now on this page of audio recordings and downloads. Yes, it's easier with the system. But some people like Robert Spiller don't have the money right now. But that is not going to stop Robert for grabbing his dream. In this recording you'll hear his story and what he has done to get his first five clients. And Robert is not even an HMA Consultant. He's an inspiration to us all. Just listen to his passion. His story is one that will inspire you to GO FOR IT! Whatever you decide to do. If you want something bad enough, you know you'll find a way to get it. We as people always do. Enjoy.

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How to Sell Consulting Services By Phone

George is the owner of a small tanning bed business. He called looking for some advice on how he could grow his business. I invited George to talk in more detail about his goals.

Listen in as I take George through the HMA Opportunity analysis in an effort to discover (HMA) Hidden Marketing Assets. More importantly, listen to the willingness of George to grow his business. And finally, listen as George hires me to develop a USP for his business. Developing the USP is the first recommended product we teach our HMA consultants to activate for clients. I am looking forward to working with George and to get his business hopping in the next few months.

Follow along as I walk George through each part of the analysis. And once you have a client, let me show you what to do with them by using Richard's HMA System.

The purpose of this audio interview is to provide suggestions to identify hidden marketing assets (HMA) and to develop a unique selling proposition (USP) to increase George's customers.

  • Hear how to do an opportunity analysis to sell consulting services.

  • Learn how to integrating a USP message and why it's important.

  • Learn how to analysis current marketing promotions

  • Hear powerful techniques for leveraging existing customer base and reactivation

  • Learn how cross-selling opportunities can make you more money.

  • How to eliminate advertising that loses money

  • Hear how to sell consulting services.

You will be glad you listened to this consulting session! The information you will hear will enable you to begin getting clients by phone and if you are a business owner it will help you develop a unique selling proposition (USP), uncover your hidden marketing assets (HMA), and use the necessary marketing tools and techniques to beat the competition.

Press the green play button and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning. This recording is 45 minutes.

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How A Simple Joint Venture Can Help Boost Your Marketing Coaching Business

Jez Hunt bought the HMA system two years ago but never really did anything with it. Then one day he got an unexpected bill for $8,500 pounds (more than $17,000 US) and was given only eight weeks to pay it off. Jez knew he had to do something. So he picked up his HMA system, switched himself into overdrive, and ended up changing his luck and his life.

Not only was he able to pay off his bill on time, but Jez is now picking and choosing his clients, is about to conduct a two-day seminar workshop on direct marketing (charging 2,000 pounds a person) and is starting to charge his clients a monthly fee for his services.

And once you listen to Jez's story, you'll realize you can do it too. All you really have to do is try.

Key To Jez's Success: You'll hear…
• How he got his three big clients and how he has eight new appointments set up for the next two weeks
• How Jez "takes the sale away" from prospects during the Opportunity Analysis - and makes them more interested
• The incentive he uses to get more referrals than he needs - try this and you may never have to cold call again
• How he pre-qualifies prospects by asking them seemingly innocent questions about their businesses during normal conversations
• How he's tweaking his HMA system to make it 12 modules - so he can charge clients for one a month and have a steady, monthly income
• The USP he uses for his HMA business that works better for him than the usual "20% in 20 days"

Jez didn't pick up the HMA system and start doing everything right his first time out. (In fact, you'll hear how one of his mistakes landed him a legal letter from the Yellow Pages.) But Jez is quick to point out that it doesn't matter whether you're doing things right or not. It only matters that you're getting yourself out there and trying. And before you know it, you'll be landing clients, gaining confidence and changing your luck and life too.

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Questions Answered About The HMA Marketing Consulting and Coaching System

If you have you been looking through my web site,, and come across audios and transcripts about the HMA marketing consulting system or information about becoming an HMA Consultant, you're not the only one.

Tom had been investigating my web site for a long time and finally decided to write to me with some questions about my HMA Consultant training program. I decided that it would be best if we talked on the phone to better answer his questions directly. Additionally, by recording my call with Tom and posting it on my site, it could possibly answer questions that you have about the HMA system. Tom's first question was about the HMA University. He knew that after joining the training program that he would have access to the HMA University for six months but how much would it cost after the initial six months?

Listen as I answer Tom's question as well as details about the growing amount of content that is currently available in the HMA University. You'll learn about one audio series, the Kevin Fort Project, and how it is being produced to assist other new HMA Consultants to grow their businesses.

I go on to talk about how closely I work with my HMA Consultants - especially when they have questions or problems. I am almost always available and am quick to return calls or emails. I want all HMA Consultants to be successful. Tom had another question: If you get into this business, how can you start being an HMA Consultant, develop your consulting system and then not have to constantly go out and meet with different types of clients forever?

This was a very interesting question that brought a great idea to mind. Tom could become a "niche" HMA Consultant. For example, his target industry could be certain types of companies on the Internet. He could work online, on the phone, or by email without having to meet face to face with his clients. Within whatever niche industry selected, it would be important to create and document your success and to become an expert in that field. Then, you can use all of that knowledge and material for subsequent clients - kind of like a cookie-cutter approach. Plus, being an expert, you could develop an information product from all of your knowledge in that industry.

We discuss some of the tools I make available to HMA Consultants, such as a customized Articulate Presentation which can become an automatic selling system for your consulting business. Tom's next question was if I would be interested in bartering for payment of the HMA training program. Although I don't want to barter for the HMA training program, I do love barter. Listen to some examples of bartering that I've advised people about and some that I've done myself. There will soon be an exclusive audio in the HMA University entitled Barter Secrets.

Tom wanted to know how open the marketing consulting business currently is. My reply was an emphatic "It's WIDE open!" Are there any surprise expenses after the initial investment for the training materials? No. The only additional expense would be if Tom wanted to continue to have access to the HMA University after the initial six months - but he probably wouldn't need it.

Long story short, Tom decides that he's going to go for it the very next week! It will soon be time to welcome Tom aboard as a new HMA Consultant and I wish him the very best success in his new endeavor. I hope that you find this recording helpful if you've had questions about becoming an HMA Consultant.

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Here's How You Can Sell Thousands Of Dollars In Consulting Services By Sending Out E-mails To Paypal Shop Owners

Below is a presentation designed to help you sell consulting services all by sending out a few e-mails. I am not kidding. This presentations allows you to deliver any business owner a world class marketing presentation without you having to drive, fly or meet face to face.

When you become an HMA Consultant, you'll own the rights to this marketing presentation below. Now you'll have a tool to sell consulting services without wasting a lot of time on non-qualified prospects, All you need to do is send your prospects to a link like this one below.

You'll get the same presentation customized with your photo, e-mail, bio, and web site URL. Please note that there is no way for the viewer to get in contact with me from this presentation. All the links in the free reports and the presentation have been removed. The only way for the person to get more information about the consulting services, is to go through you.

If you're like most of the consultants I work with, you're biggest fears are that you can't get a client and you don't have enough credibility. This presentation answers both of these fears. Richard's presentation gets the clients interested and his proven system establishes your credibility. The truth is, your prospects are not interested in you.

They are interested in you implementing this system for their business. Feel free to send the link below to a few potential prospects Click the demo buttons below to see how the whole thing works.

If you have the knack for giving advice on marketing and business, then becoming a marketing consultant might be a good fit for you. The worse our economy gets, the better the opportunity for well trained consultants.

Marketing Consulting Training


"Incredible! Your Chance To SPY On a Consulting Madman (The Secret Lab)

Here's series of calls I had with Jordan about becoming an HMA Consultant. Jordan and I had spoken previously about the HMA system but as he got more serious about making the decision to join the team, he wanted to make absolutely sure that all of his questions were answered.

If you've listened to other audios of me answering questions for prospective HMA Consultants, you won't be disappointed with this! You'll see how everyone has different reasons for exploring HMA Consulting and how everyone has different questions about it.

In this audio, you will hear my personal reasons for being involved in the HMA System as well as what drove me to create my web site, You will again hear my commitment to the success of all HMA Consultants .

In many ways, this series of calls with Jordan is its own testimonial to how I enjoy going the extra mile for the unique needs of HMA Consultants. Enjoy!

Marketing Consulting Training

Q&A From Chicago Man With The Dream Of Becoming A Marketing Consultant

Do you have a passion for Marketing, dabble in it, but feel that you need a systemized approach in order to be successful? If so, you will really enjoy this consultation that I did with a gentleman named Matthew.

I describe Matthew as a life-long learner. An accountant by trade, Matthew knows that Marketing is his ultimate goal. He has even has realized what his niche market will be. He has studied all of the Marketing gurus and is very well-read in many areas. He already has three clients that he advises but feels that he needs a "system" that will help him to help his clients more and will give him the confidence to dive into his niche market.

When he found and listened to several of the audio recordings available about the HMA System, Matthew had to know more. In this audio, you will hear Matthew's personal and vocational history and I discover some of the opportunities that are sitting right under Matthew's nose!

Subsequently, I answer Matthew's questions about the resources and the support that he would receive from me if he chooses to become an HMA Consultant. Matthew takes the time to view what would become his personal selling machine - an Internet-based PowerPoint presentation that would be customized specifically for him. When Matthew sees all of the HMA resources, his reactions are priceless

You will be a fly on the wall when you hear Matthew realize that the HMA System is the missing link that he has been searching for to fulfill his dream of becoming a Marketing consultant. Needless to say, we end the conversation with me welcoming Matthew to the team as our newest HMA Marketing Consultant

If you have looked into the HMA System and feel that you have some unanswered questions, I encourage you to listen to this consultation with Matthew. He's a down to earth guy who probably had many of the same questions that you may have about becoming a Marketing consultant. In any case, it's an enjoyable conversation that I know will enlighten you.

HMA Marketing Consulting Training


Simple System That Will Have Clients Ready To Pay You For Consulting Services.

Treat yourself to consulting adventure you have to stay home for. You're about to be handed the key to getting all the marketing consulting clients you can handle. First thing I want you to do is to download these two files below. The first is the Opportunity analysis worksheet and next is the HMA opportunity analysis training

Right click on these links and print them out so you can follow along with me as you listen to any of the recordings. Here's why...

I know if I can show you by example (not just recite "theory") how to get a client, you'll see just how easy it really is to do this yourself. Believe me, this is not "voodoo" stuff you need to be a genius to implement yourself. All you need is a list of questions to ask your consulting prospects, and you'll be more likely to meet with them. Once you listen in to this call you will see how to effortlessly conduct an "Opportunity Analysis" of a client's business by phone, without face-to-face meetings. I know you're going to benefit tremendously from this real live case study on how to use the Opportunity Analysis Worksheet to get all clients you can handle.

Here's what you are about to learn:

What you'll hear in the first section is a real client calling me for the first time looking for marketing help for his cheese business. Then, you'll hear me call Richard for coaching advice on how to perform the opportunity analysis interview with this prospect.

Richard has 14 years of experience conducting hundreds of business opportunity analysis sessions with clients ranging from Mom and Pop small businesses to multi million dollar corporations. Richard will use his years of "in-the-field" experience to give me a 20 minute coaching session of his best advice on what to do before I call my prospect.

Then, you'll hear me call the prospect and conduct the Opportunity Analysis for real. This part is about an hour long of me taking the client through the Opportunity Analysis Worksheet. Listen in as I hunt for hidden marketing assets. You'll hear how I distinguish how my consulting is different from other marketing consultants. You'll hear me offer my services with my unique risk-free guarantee. You'll hear all the exciting, fun, educational and profitable details in this part of the lesson. But even more will see how easy this is...and exactly why you can just as the exact same thing!

And, finally, at the very end of part three is what we all want to hear from our prospects. It's the client calling me back to hire me as a consultant. You'll hear him take my mailing address down so he can send me the money via Federal Express. This was only the second time I have used this Opportunity Analysis Worksheet to sell consulting services. The first is in another recording below with an small moving company.

This is real, as it happened, and it's absolute proof you can do this too. Other consulting opportunities will tell you how to get clients. They'll give you loads of unnecessary untested client generating tools. They'll give you post cards, newspaper ads and fancy calculators. You do not need all that stuff. All you need is one thing that works. They'll tell you how to get clients but I'll show you how. I'll offer you PROOF! All you have to do is follow this proven "recipe". Now go get some clients. And once you have a client, let me show you what to do with them by using Richard's Marketing Consulting Training System. Each part of the recording is 30 minutes.

Marketing Consulting Training

How To Get Coaching Clients To Hire You...Just By Asking Them A Few Simple Questions.

Case Study With Raphael Small Moving Business

Here's another training call that teaches you - by example - how to discover hidden marketing assets and how to get a client by simply asking questions over the phone.

Raphael recently ordered some pre-owned marketing materials from me. As part of his order, I offered to conduct an opportunity analysis for his 30 year old moving company. Keep in mind he has paid me money to take him through this "Business Audit". In the HMA System, you'll learn how to charge for this service and make a lot of money very easily. Please download the and follow along. This recording is 54 minutes. You'll hear what exact questions to ask to uncover hidden marketing assets and have clients "sell themselves" on your services at the same time. If Raphael had only met an HMA marketing consultant years ago, he may not be at the point of switching careers. My goal in this recording is to teach you how to get a client. I want you to take this training and try it on a perspective client of your own. Listen and learn from this example. Other consulting opportunities will merely tell you how to get a client, I'll demonstrate how. This is another exclusive Consulting Secrets HMA training on how to interview a prospective client, over the phone, using the opportunity analysis worksheet.

Free HMA Consulting Training

Famous Speaker Reveals Five Ways To Get Coaching Clients By Helping Others Get What They Want.

For fifteen years, Douglas Clof has been at the forefront in creating profit-based marketing strategies for companies across North America. Each year he spends up to 35 weeks traveling across the United States and Canada helping companies implement his powerful marketing strategies. He is a highly sought after speaker, presenting hundreds of seminars to entrepreneurs and members of the media each year. His unique marketing consulting and sales seminars have helped thousands of businesses achieve new levels of sales and profitability. He has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and experience in almost every market in North America. His publications include: Power Marketing for the 90's, Marketing for Profit, Return on Investments Selling, and the eight volume training series, "Maximum Money Marketing". Doug was instrumental in developing part of the HMA training. I called Doug and did an additional interview with him on the subject of marketing consulting. Listen in and see how a marketing system transformed his life and his business.

Marketing Consulting Training

Marketing Ideas to Get your Coaching Business Going Fast

This is a private conference call I made with Richard and some of the new HMA Consultants. In it, we go over ways to jump-start your business. We also talk with Dave Flannery and look at what is appearing to be one of the most exciting business plans for HMA Consulting.

Here are some of the topics we'll be discussing

  • Ways to run group presentations that can leverage your time - Here's an idea to consider. Instead of one-on-one consulting, run a group training course --it can save you time and make you money.

  • A sure-fire plan of action for when your client needs results fast

  • How the Opportunity Analysis sets you apart from other Consultants - Learn how to put one together and you'll be putting yourself in another league.

  • When to use telemarketers -- and the best way to qualify clients

  • When and how to develop more than one USP - and how to price it

Also, Richard goes over how you can benefit from his new Internet Marketing course - the same one Dell Computers and IBM will be using

And, I'll be talking a little more about the upcoming Graduation Certificate. Before long, you'll be able to become certified in HMA Consulting. So, think about getting your diploma soon

Richard goes on to discuss one of the biggest mistakes new consultants make --shortcutting your analysis and not being flexible. You may want to make sure you're not falling into that trap

And, we'll also talk with Dave Flannery out of Ireland. He's really showing us a fresh way to work the system. In this call, we break down his strategic business plan and find out how he used Christmas and New Year's parties to land clients, how he's bartered for advertising and how he's set himself up as a local expert in the field. Richard says that Dave's fees are only going to be going up.

This conference call is full of useful information. You'll also find a lot of new twists on existing ideas that will get your wheels turning. Enjoy.

Marketing Consulting Training

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