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Free Sales Tips #1

Sales People Are Not Born They Are Trained

An Important Lesson For Sales Managers In Pain

It may seem like some people just don't have a gift for sales…

When Ian started his first sales job, his only training for the position was, "Hang in there. You'll do fine." The job lasted two hours and ended with his boss telling him he should become a waiter.

In this interview, you'll hear how Ian went from being that no-talent kid to a highly sought-after sales management consultant in New South Wales. And he'll be the first to tell you that if he can master sales, anyone on your sales force can too -- because salespeople aren't born; they're trained.

Here's what you'll get from this interview:

  • A grasp of how managerial tools and methodologies can power your sales

  • Ways to analyze your staff that will keep sales production high

  • Examples of how "coaching" can push sales and margins up

  • How a sales force is an investment and how to make the most of it

  • How to find good salespeople and how to keep them when you do

Ian understands the frustration managers feel after spending a lot of money to generate a lead only to have it blown by a salesperson. It's easy to see how this happens when, according to his research…

50% of salespeople fall short of quota
90% of sales opportunities don't close when the salesperson says they will
75% of product-launches fail, but…

The biggest factor affecting production of sales today is
Sales Leadership

When he says, "It's the head of the fish that stinks the most," Ian's really saying that effective sales begin at the top. If Sales Managers learn models, tips and tools, they'll be able to bring those skills back to their salespeople. So in this interview, you'll also hear how increasing sales production is mainly about finding a process that works. And, according to Ian, results will follow --Most people see a return of 500 percent!

Now, management-consulting skills don't come naturally to most people and there are plenty of books out there on the subject. (Ian has over 800 of them in his library alone!) You could literally spend the rest of your career reading up on the matter, spinning your wheels trying out methodology after methodology. Or, you could start with this interview to see how sales management consulting can benefit you. Remember, Ian didn't start out with a gift for sales. He just found a process that worked for him. Enjoy.

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Free Sales Tips #2

World Famous Sales Trainer Of Fortune 500 Companies Reveals Powerful New Tactic That Can Immediately Double Your Sales

Here's a detailed interview with Barry Maher. Barry first made his mark as a world-class salesperson, then as a management and sales consultant, helping clients improve their productivity, often dramatically. Selling Power magazine declared, "To his powerful and famous clients, Barry Maher is simply the best sales trainer in the business."
Barry's client list ranges from ABC/Capital Cities and the American Management Association, to Fuji Film and the National Lottery of Ireland, to Verizon (not to mention Ameritech, BellSouth, and SBC). He's been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, Businessweek, Success, and The Wall Street Journal. This straight-talking primer for consulting professionals introduces a powerful new approach to winning clients trust instantly and selling more. And not just down the road but right now, This is a sample clip from a two part 50 minute recording. Enjoy. Want more recordings like this? Go here


Free Sales Tips #3

Herschell Gordon Lewis-author of 20 books on advertising, writing reveals secrets of success in copywriting

Even though I had heard his name for years, I never gave Hershell much thought until I was searching for one of his books, "World's Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters Of All Time." This book is not to be confused with a similar book by Richard Hodgson titled "The World's Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters Of All Time." An interesting fact I learned about Hershell is that within the Collector's Plate industry he is known as the "King of Direct Mail." You may have seen collector's plates advertised in the Sunday newspaper and other widely-circulated publications. I used to wonder why so many people invested in these plates until I talked with Hershell personally. Hershell Gordon Lewis is a well-connected expert who has been involved in the direct mail industry for many years. He is the author of more than twenty books on advertising and is the former chairman of BJK&E Direct. He now heads Lewis Enterprises, a creative source. He is also chairman of Communicomp, a full-service direct marketing agency affiliated with True North Communications based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. On this audio clip, prepare to receive a real history lesson on some amazing things. My conversation with Hershell was one of my most interesting, illuminating talks. In it, I take you from the days of Hershell's first direct selling job as a door-to-door salesman through his development and evolution into a prestigious, powerhouse ad agency owner. This is one talk you will feel compelled to listen to three or four times. It is that eye opening. Since I interview and review marketing gurus all day for a living, you can guess I know what works and what don't.

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Free Sales Tips #4

Former Senior Marketing Manager For Nightingale-Conant Spills Tips About The Motivational Tape Industry.

Peter Wink is the former senior marketing manager for Nightingale-Conant. He is a big fan of many of the marketers listed on my site. In fact, he has written copy for selling many of their programs. Peter was interested in swapping some Gary Halbert programs for any of his Nightingale-Conant products. He has collected hundreds on various topics. I called him back to let him know what topics I was interested in and asked for the untold story of the motivational tape industry. This is one of the most informative interview to date. Packed with inside secrets about the motivational tapes industry and how it operates, how it generates sales, the profile of a customer, what they buy, how often, and how much they spend. Peter was gracious with his time. Get ready for a great talk with Promoter Extraordinaire, Mr. Peter Wink. You will also see how a possible joint venture opportunity with Peter was presented to me by this one talk.


Free Sales Tips #5

Why Even IRS Agents And Small Business Administration Officials Attended Art's Business-Buying Seminars!

Here's one of the most recent interviews I did with a business buying expert named Art Hamel. Arthur may be the best expert in how to buy an existing business successfully. I met him through an eBay ad. He was selling his business-buying training courses on ebay. I called him up, turned on the tape recorder and captured every fascinating minute of our conversation. This recording will probably shock the life out of you - as it says "Bull" to everything the "mainstream" business teachers and "experts" you see on TV have ever said about buying businesses. Tens of thousands of people - including IRS agents and Small Business Administration officials who were made to go in order to be promoted - would flock to his national seminars, sometimes dropping a couple thousand dollars just to make it. His training program was the top-selling, number one business-buying seminar nationally. Be a fly on the wall as you listen to more of Art's amazing story. He is a very genuine man and really loves what he does. He wants you to succeed. I know you will enjoy this talk with a true master on how to buy an existing business successfully. Start listening to Mr. Arthur Hamel. It's about an hour long and we cover a lot of ground - and answer a lot of "frequently asked" questions. Press the green play button and make sure you have your speakers plugged in with the volume up. Then just sit back and listen. This is some of the most sought-after information in the world. So be sure to print the transcripts and read them over and over. Go here for more recordings on business buying.

Free Sales Tips #6

How a "Turnaround" Expert Makes Money by Saving Businesses on the Verge of Failure


When a high-growth business finds itself in the red, the business needs a "turnaround" expert. Find out about this little-known field by listing to my interview with James Dixon of Texas, who makes a large amount of money with only one deal a year.

The purpose of this audio interview is to share how a "turnaround" expert makes money by restoring failing businesses to profitability and the strategies that are applied to ensure business success.

You will learn about

  • What a business turnaround expert does

  • Differences between turnaround expert and consultant

  • Assessing the opportunity and evaluating problems

  • Importance of structure, business model, procedures, processes, human resources

  • Contracting with the business

  • Evaluating or eliminating senior management and hiring talent

  • Pricing strategies and written contracts

  • Techniques for focusing on the core and getting a business out of the red

  • Examples of deals.

Be sure to listen to this audio program to find out how a turnaround expert can save a business and make money. The techniques you will hear will also provide you with ideas to ensure that you keep your business on track to success by avoiding "pitfalls."

Press the green play button and download the mp3 below. You can also download the transcript and mp3 audio files to reinforce your learning. To learn how to do what James does, go here

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Free Sales Tips #7

Seeking Additional Marketing Opportunities that Increase Results by 300 Percent

Would you like to find additional marketing opportunities and sell more consulting services with a shorter sales cycle? Are you a budding marketing consultant looking for additional strategies to increase your business? Here's an interview with Robert Stover, an experienced marketing consultant. Robert shares his marketing experience, strategies, case studies, and examples of how he generated additional marketing opportunities and increased results by matching the strategy to business results.

The purpose of this audio interview is to share techniques for getting leads and leveraging marketing strategies that shorten the sales cycle and generate a higher return on investment (ROI).

You will learn about

  • Lead generation marketing techniques

  • Determining which businesses to work with

  • Importance of knowing what the market wants

  • Power of segmentation and account targeting

  • Value of marketing testing and tracking

  • Importance of functionally defining a business based upon result vs. product sold

  • Leveraging marketing collateral to generate a higher response rate

  • Case studies of successes and cautionary tips.

By applying the "street-smart" strategies and tactics you will hear, you, too, will have additional ideas about finding additional marketing opportunities, shortening the sales cycle, and generating higher income for yourself and your clients.

Press the play button for each part and download the mp3 files below. You can also download the transcript to reinforce your learning. For more recordings like this go here

Free Sales Tips #8

"Nobody Should Be Allowed To Have Anything To Do With Selling Until They've Listened To These Tips In This Interview 7 Times"

Introducing The Clyde Bedell Advertising Selling System

Sit back and listen as I interview Barry Bedell in this exclusive Five part presentation about the real "Father Of Advertising Selling" Clyde Bedell.

You have the lucky fortune of hearing this interview with Barry Bedell, the son of the great advertising genius Clyde Bedell. I hope you'll be as excited as I was hanging on to every word in this amazing adventure about a man many in the advertising and marketing fields have never known.

You'll get a detailed and personal account about the history of this great advertising legend. And you'll hear it from the man who loved him and knew him best. This set of recording is designed to teach you about a proven system of advertising you have never been exposed to before. I know you will enjoy what I have put together for you in this exclusive presentation.

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