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Partnership Agreements Examples Interview Free MP3 Download

 Important News For Folks Who Swore They Would Never Work With A Partner

William Clemens recently purchased my Audio Marketing Secrets product and called me for some advice.  William is the owner of an IT business that specializes in computer repair to small to medium sized businesses.  He also does marketing consulting for a few clients and is in the process of negotiating a joint venture with one of his customers who gives Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advice to his own clients. 

William’s initial idea was for his associate to create an Information Product on the topic of SEO and then William would do the necessary marketing of the product.  In return, his partner would pay him a percentage of the product’s sales.  Although SEO is currently a hot topic, in this interview you will hear my best advice to William about not participating in this joint venture: Hear why I think this is not a good idea including…

  • Why should William do all the work to market someone else’s product when he could create his own Information Product and have complete control?
  • Will the SEO product even be a good product?
  • Can his partner even deliver a product?
  • How William’s credibility and reputation could be on the line by having no control of the actual product and, instead, relying on his partner’s knowledge and expertise.

Listen to this recording as we discuss why creating an SEO product may not be the way to go.  William and I go on to discuss how to go about setting up joint ventures with Internet marketers.  In this segment you’ll learn:

  • How to approach expert marketers with non-competing products about doing a joint venture.
  • Why the person you approach should have a large list of customers.
  • Payment strategies for your joint venture.
  • If your product doesn’t yet have a proven track record, how to approach your first joint venture and what your ultimate goal should be in order to negotiate more successful joint ventures.

In closing, you’ll hear my absolute best advice for the creation of any Information Product – to be excellent!  I give William some tips about how to create the best possible product and why it is important to nail down your partnership agreements for both your reputation and your continuing success. 

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