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By senoff.michael@gmail.com On May 31, 2013 No Comments


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Dumb as a Box Of Rocks . . .

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On August 1, 2011 No Comments

I’ve been studying Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line Selling System and this one story he told was very entertaining.

I want to pass it on to you but if you’re offended by strong language, you may want to pass on this story.

In Jordan Belfort’s own words he recounts . . .

When you have a turnkey system that’s so effective and so foolproof that anyone can step into it and with a little bit of training take to it, that’s a winner.

That’s the Straight Line Selling System.


When I created the Straight Line Selling System I turned it into a system everybody and I mean everybody could succeeded with, men, women, even people with accents.

I had a kid named Bobby Koch who worked for me, he was an Irish kid, he had a big beefy head, this kid. . . he had giant eyeballs, right?

And this kid was as dumb as a box of rocks, he was really . . . I’m telling you he had an IQ just north of Forest Gump on three hits of acid.

That was Bobby Koch.

Okay, Bobby Koch came to me with all the desire in the world.

His New York accent was so thick there was like smudge coming off his words.

Bobby Koch never read the Wall Street Journal in his life.

And if he tried to, he wouldn’t know what it meant.

He just wanted to be rich and he believed in me.

And he believed in the place he was working which was Stratton.

In the early days you could walk in and you would say . . “Oh my God, the wealth is dripping off the walls.”

So Bobby sat down behind the desk.

And I trained him.

I trained him like we’re doing here every day.

Just imagine this training every day for two years on tonality and structure.

Bobby was one of the only people that didn’t take to the system.

It took him four months, he was barely getting by.

Now, barely getting by was making $150,000 a year at my company and you were still considered a piker.

No one respected you as a Piker.

So Bobby struggled and he struggled.

I sent him to speech lessons to a guy named Sam Shmok who was teaching actors how to do dialects.

He was a famous speech therapist.

And Bobby went out and got speech lessons.

He taught himself how to speak correctly.

He read the Wall Street Journal every day.

And guess what?

By year one at the end, dumb Bobby Koch was making a million bucks a year.

Bobby Koch began making a million three, a million four per year.

He had a vicious coke habit, a vicious alcohol habit, a gambling addiction.

He had all the vices.

But because of the Straight Line Training was so powerful, it didn’t matter that he could roll into work all screwed up and he still soared.

Okay, that’s the power of the system.

For the complete interview go to . . .


PS. I’ve been promoting Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line System and if you order it from my link, I will make money.

And I’ve ordered the system too and have been going through it and it’s really like nothing I have ever seen or heard before. I like it a lot and think you might too.

Michael Senoff

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The 3rd year, Scott Alexander sold 200,000 copies of Rhinoceros Success . .

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