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31 Taylor Swift Referral Systems U Can Use . . .

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On March 10, 2015 No Comments
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When it comes to referral marketing, connections are essential, especially the psychological ones that keep your existing customers loyal while also expanding your customer base.

You can learn more in the release of my Taylor Swift Referrals Gone Mad Getting System.

To simplify things for you I’ve organized a list and short description of all 31 referral systems you’ll learn in my offer.

And away we gooooo . . .

REFERRAL SYSTEM #01 – Rusted Truck UGLY Sign Referral System (Taylor idea – Taylor Makes fun of UGLY Criticism by thousands of reporters and Papparazzi in her songs and videos.)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #02 – UGLY WRECK IDEA – How An Unknown Man got Elected Mayor of a small town using JUNK Trucks by the side of the road.

REFERRAL SYSTEM #03 – 460 Million a Year Aussie Computer Warehouse REFERRAL SYSTEM (Taylor idea – Taylor says she is Educating/teaching young women how to think and behave.)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #04 – Jewelry Store Kirlian Camera Referral System (Taylor idea – Taylor buys Expensive Gifts for 10 or 15 Swifties who do the most networking and Videos to her tunes. These girls Show and Tell EVERYBODY.) SETH GODIN says, “When You Give Customers Something that makes it EASIER to Refer – Your Referrals Explode.”

REFERRAL SYSTEM #05 – Skin Care Referral System at Trade Shows Makes Karen 3 Million a Yr (Taylor idea – Taylor is the only SuperStar who puts her FANS into her Music Videos.)


REFERRAL SYSTEM #06 – Pizza Referral System Grows Jiffy Print Store by 300% (Taylor idea – Taylor gets Target and other sponsors to P-AY for PR and her Music Tours and 3-D Apps)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #07 – Chamber of Commerce Referral System – PRINT SHOP Grows 1200% in One Year (Taylor appears on stage with OTHER BANDS for Free.)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #08 – Flashing Shoe Strings SHOE STORE Referral System (Taylor idea – Taylor gives away 1 song or 2 Before each Album Release)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #09 – Giant CHAIR Referral System (Taylor Idea – BE DIFFERENT. Taylor doesn’t SHOW SKIN like Gaga and Miley)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #10 – Smushed Direct Mail Letter REFERRAL SYSTEM (Taylor idea – GRAB ATTN & Educate the customer)


REFERRAL SYSTEM #11 – FREE WHISKEY Referral System Makes 2 Million for Chain of Clubs (Taylor idea – Freebies)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #12 – FireTruck Angel Jewelry Parade REFERRAL SYSTEM (Taylor – Entertain/Free Stuff)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #13 – GUN CLUB Charity Telemarketing Referral System (Taylor idea – F-r-e-e Stuff)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #14 – Garden Center MULCH Referral System (Taylor – Add Value)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #15 – Glamour Photographer Referral System Adapted for Pool Furniture Sales (Taylor adapts and re-uses The same idea for many different parts of her business. Ad Sponsor/App Sponsor/Clothing website sponsor/Tour Sponsor)


REFERRAL SYSTEM #16 – 10 CowGirl REFERRAL System Sells Guns for Colt in Las Vegas

REFERRAL SYSTEM #17 – Aussie PostOffice Idea TURNED into Chocolate Bar Referral Sales System (Taylor – Free Sample)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #18 – FREE Delivery in Chauffeur Driven BENTLEY – Referral System (Taylor pays a co millions to Create New TOUR Show Pyrotechnics)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #19 – Bird Store Owner Painted Giant YELLOW Arrow in Road-Now Owns a Maserati (Taylor idea – use Hidden in plain sight Marketing Strategies)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #20 – Polka Dot Truck Band Candy Referral System (Taylor did a Pre-Launch concert on a London Hotel ROOF)


REFERRAL SYSTEM #21 – Band Producers FREE CLUB PASS – Referral System (Taylor idea – Sell Swifty T-shirts and stuff)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #22 – 50 Million a Yr UK Hidden LOTTO Ticket Newsletter – Referral System (Taylor idea – Put Life Lessons into song Lyrics)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #23 – “Truck Dropping Volunteers” Needed SIGN – Referral System (Taylor idea – Torture Hunky men on video)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #24 – Cadillac Dealership Airport Taxi Service – Referral System (Taylor – add value)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #25 – FREE CAR WASH Gas Station Sign – Referral System (Taylor idea – You get Extra Stuff)


REFERRAL SYSTEM #26 – 5 Second Service or Your Gas Is FREE – Road Sign Referral System

REFERRAL SYSTEM #27 – Picnic Basket – PAINT STORE – Referral System (Taylor idea – Surprise Thank You Reward – personal notes/emails/Little gifts from around the world.)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #28 – One Free TEDDY BEAR Per Family/15 Minute Millionaire – Referral System (Taylor Flew 89 Fans to her 3 Houses)

REFERRAL SYSTEM #29 – Millionaire Hot Dog Cart – FREE HOT DOGS – Referral System

REFERRAL SYSTEM #30 – ROBOT Referral System For Hi-End Clothing Store. (Taylor Swift – be different , ADD VALUE AND entertaining)


REFERRAL SYSTEM #31 – Lowe’s Hardware Store ROBOT Referral System (Taylor Swift – be different , ADD VALUE AND entertaining)

The Question is, “How Can You Make Munny with and Apply The Magic Of these Referral Systems in your Business?


Since Glenn has Interviewed all of these Self Made Millionaire ENTREPRENEURS for a living – He’s going to discuss all 31 Retail – Face to Face Referral Systems – that Little Guys like You and me can Mix and Combine and use starting today.


And Since You Can DO All of These from Home by sending Photos and Video – or doing Video Conference Calls…

These 6 & 7 Figure Retail Ideas Will Apply to you too.

With millions of insanely loyal fans all over the world, it’s safe to say Taylor Swift is a mastermind at referral marketing.

Called “Swifties,” her fans compete with one another to sing her praises the loudest because Taylor gives them incentives to do it.

When her album 1989 was leaked before its official release, Swifties worked together to stop it from affecting sales.

That album went on to go platinum that year, and Taylor is projected to make $200 million off her 1989 tour alone.

How does she do it?

You’re about to find out

Without question . . .

When you know how to create a constant flood of referrals for your business you’ve hit the grand slam of marketing.

You’ve found the one thing that can bring you out of obscurity into the spotlight of fame.

A properly crafted and executed referral system is pure marketing gold and my Taylor Swift Referrals Gone Mad Getting System is going to show you how to do that.

Own this seven module referral getting system and you’ll get an in depth analysis of the referral strategies and secrets Taylor Swift uses to build her incredible empire scaled down into bite-sized pieces so you can use them in your day-to-day business.

go to



A well crafted referral system can be your ultimate secret weapon when it come to getting clients, marketing your business, product and services.

Download all seven (7) modules of the Taylor Swift Referrals Gone Mad Getting System and own an in-depth analysis of the referral strategies and secrets Taylor Swift uses to build her incredible empire scaled down into bite-sized pieces so you can use them in your day-to-day business.

If you’re a service business, marketing coach, copywriter, web site developer or marketing consultant, use this system to create an endless stream of referrals for your client’s business and finally get them to stop spending money on advertising.

Gain an understanding about the most underrated secret of client generation know to marketing.

Each module is designed to give you simple to understand tools to get referrals coming in fast, even if you have no marketing experience.

Taylor Swift Referrals Gone Mad Getting System is the most in depth training on the referral getting process you can find all in one place.



If you have any questions at all, feel free to text of call me at 858-692-9461.


Sell Someting That’s Great – Marketing For The Small Guy . . .

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On March 10, 2015 No Comments

See it all the time

Many people who need to make money are to PROUD to do what it takes.

Too proud to look in a dumpster to find something to sell.

Too proud to take a job in fast food or cleaning offices or delivering pizza to make ends meet.

Too proud to ask others for referrals and or Joint Ventures.

Once you get over this “TOO PROUD PROBLEM”, the money will come.

Here’s an interview that’ll highlight this lesson.

The title of this interview . . .

Tips For Spinning Garbage Into Gold.

Carlton Pruitt owns a trash hauling business where he makes between $75 to $100 per hour.

Still, it’s backbreaking physical labor and he’s not really working enough to bring home a decent living.

So in this audio, you’ll hear my advice to Carlton on how to expand his business and bring in more money – without taking on any more physical labor or costs.

Most people have never heard about joint ventures, but these kinds of deals can really make life much easier and are amazingly simple to set up.

So I introduce Carlton to a whole list of ideas on how he can make joint ventures work for him.

And once he gets them set up, he’ll be getting paid for basically doing nothing.

Here are just a few of the ideas you’ll hear in this audio

* How to find companies to make joint venture deals with, what to say to them and how to negotiate the best deal for you

* How to think “outside your business” to set up deals – and bring in thousands of extra dollars a week without really lifting a finger

* How to find cheap labor to do your dirty work and ways to make sure they’re actually doing their jobs

* How to use joint ventures to set up a “golden rolodex” of referrals to have at your fingertips so that you’re always ready to make that extra cash

* Creative ways to make sure companies have your name and number on hand when they need to make a referral to their customers

* How to easily take your expertise (or someone else’s) and turn it into a high-end information product – and never see another backbreaking day again

Business is never black and white — and neither is marketing.

It’s funny how many people think they have to do things a certain way and inevitably get stuck in a rut because of it.

This interview will help to open your mind and get your creativity flowing.

And once you see the gold in Carlton’s garbage hauling business, you’ll definitely be able to see it in your own – even if you don’t have a business yet.

To gain access to this interview, reply back to this e-mail and in the subject line type out in all caps


And I’ll send you to a private page on my site where the interview lives.

This interview is not available to the public.

But it is made especially available to you, my loyal subscriber.

It’s my way of saying thanks for letting me be a part of your world.

E-mail me now at senoff.michael@gmail.com and the moment I get back in front of my computer, I’ll send you the link.

PMS. You can fly

About the Author

Michael Senoff

I’ve spent the last five years of my life creating fascinating streaming audio interviews with big name marketers and getting them to spill the beans on how they got rich and famous and I’m giving most of my life’s work away free.

These interviews below are designed to be superior to any lecture out there.

They’re more informative, natural, and the information is more dynamic and dense.

The sheer scope of marketing and business growth information below is mind blowing.

How To Drop Your Joe Job . . .

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On February 24, 2015 No Comments

Here’s something 4 ya.

I recently recorded a phone call with a successful envelope salesman who was looking for ways to set up Joint Ventures for his consulting and coaching business.

The title of this talk is . . .

How To Grow Your Consulting Practice Overnight With Joint Ventures.

If you make a joint venture with a business that has the right kind of database, you could grow your consulting practice pretty much overnight, and it’s easier than you think.

Just offer the business-owner a piece of the action in exchange for an endorsement to their list, and you should be good to go.

And in this recording, you’ll hear all about it.

But first, meet Mark.

Mark has 30 years of sales experience and is trying to keep his skills current by taking webinar after webinar.

He’s got a lot of interesting ideas and knows his stuff, but he needs something to offer potential clients that sells on value and lots of it, like the HMA System does.

So in this audio, you’ll hear how to start a value-based consulting practice – and how to grow it practically overnight on just one good joint venture.

You’ll Also Hear . . .

* The vital importance of having a “system of marketing” for your business – and how to create one that stands up to any economy

* The one kind of cold call that could make the difference in your consulting practice – and a word-for-word script you can take straight to your phone

* How to approach a business with the kind of joint venture deal they won’t be able to refuse

* All about the power of timing and how to make sure you always get it right

* Exactly where to go to get help finding your first consulting client ASAP

* The one and only time you’ll ever want to forego your fees as a consultant – and what you can expect instead

If you start building relationships, the opportunities will come.

That’s why joint ventures are such a powerful tool for growing businesses.

And in this audio consultation, you’ll hear all about the opportunities that just one joint venture can bring – and how to use them to kick-start your consulting practice today.

If you want the recording, contact me by email and I’ll send you the link.

You can fly.

Michael Senoff

About the Author

I’ve spent the last five years of my life creating fascinating streaming audio interviews with big name marketers and getting them to spill the beans on how they got rich and famous and I’m giving most of my life’s work away free.

These interviews below are designed to be superior to any lecture out there.

They’re more informative, natural, and the information is more dynamic and dense.

The sheer scope of marketing and business growth information below is mind blowing.