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Shit Or Get Off The Pot . . .

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On May 8, 2015 No Comments

That’s what my Mama used to always tell me and my brother and sisters.

Don’t just think about doing something.

Do it!

That’s what this man did.

Arthur Robinson was a nursing assistant with a dream when he came across hardtofindseminars.com.

He immediately decided he wanted to interview experts in the marketing and business industry and didn’t let the fact that he had no experience (or that his training was in a completely different field) stop him.

He quickly built a website and a great reputation.

And Arthur found that not only was it easier than he thought to land interviews, but it was also easy to strike up affiliate deals and joint ventures with the experts he was interviewing.

But he admits, he was most surprised when he and his expert each made an easy $90,000 on just one interview deal.

(and they made it in a few short days)

Get ready to hear it all because Arthur reveals exactly how he made it happen.

You’ll Also Hear . . .

* The fastest known way to build confidence so you can land big-name interviews – and all about the road Arthur took to land his first huge one – Laura Langemeier

* The critical elements that need to go into any audio email invitation – that will instantly carve out all the value your experts will get from doing an interview with you

* Arthur’s formula for landing experts – that works even if you have no credibility, experience or website

* A quick action plan for making the kind of life-changing JV deals that will allow you to quit your day job tomorrow

* The surprising reason Arthur says most experts prefer “live” interviews – and exactly how he promotes his to his list to get the most money for him and his expert

* The most effective (and easiest) way to simply take an expert’s book and turn it into an entire interview topic

* How Arthur marketed the clickbank interview package that grossed $200,000 (and landed him and his expert more than $90,000 a piece) and what he did to make it such a valuable product

Arthur says the two most important steps he took for success were to “decide and do” because the only way your lifestyle is ever going to change is if you change it.

At the time I did the interview, five months before, he quit his job as a nursing assistant and has never looked back.

And in this interview, you’ll hear how you can “decide and do” it too.

I’ll send over the interview if you simply email me and say you want to hear it.

PMS. Have a great evening and fly fly fly high to the sky!

Michael Senoff

About the Author

Michael Senoff is the CEO and publisher of

The world’s leading free digital audio business library.

Michael is an experienced Internet marketer and talk show host and
a popular professional interviewer. Michael has taught 100% on line
around the country & around the world to more than 50,000 students.

His over-the-top on line audio interview web site
http://www.hardtofindseminars.com is listed in the top 1% of most
visited web sites in the world.

Michael has also worked as a coach and adviser to other famous
marketing consultants.

The Ugly Face of Marketing . . .

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On May 4, 2015 No Comments

One my favorite feel good movies of all time

Is hands down the Karate Kid.

It’s a classic about a skinny kid who goes to an old Japanese master to learn Karate so he won’t get beat up and bullied at school.

Anyhow… it’s got a lot of life lessons that can be applied to business too.

For example…

Wanna know what the biggest stumbling block for most business growth is?

Here it is.

Simply put, it’s a lack or non existence of that ever so precious commodity, originality.

Think about it.

That my friend is YOUR enemy.

Too many competitors in your niche, selling your kinds of products, the same way you sell and to the same people.

The only difference you may have is a better price?

The problem with competing on price is that almost everyone can be a player in that game because it takes no special skill to do it.

Competing in a crowded, competitive market is a lot like fighting in a high-stakes karate tournament.

On the streets, a black belt is great.

But if everyone else you’re fighting has one, you’re one of them.

Same with your marketing.

You can only make the same claims so many times before they become worthless.

Your key to winning more business is to be different.

You can differentiate your business by highlighting your unique benefit.

This gives you a unique reason for our customers to do business with us, therefore taking price out of the equation.

(Or at least long enough for us to make our sales pitch)

Or in my Karate example . . .

The Karate Kid learned a devastating “Swan Kick” that permanently eliminates even the most intimidating competitors.

So if you want your business to be the “Karate Kid” of your market, take a look at this interview I’ve got for you below.

Here’s what it’s all about.

The title is . . . .

How To Position Yourself As The Obvious Expert And Grow Your Business The Easy Way

When Elsom Eldridge first opened his consulting practice, he did what most people do – he mailed out promotional brochures to potential customers, and then waited for the results to pour in.

But they never did, and he ended up losing thousands of dollars on the mailing. Needless to say, Elsom was frustrated and confused.

Fortunately though, he met a guy who specialized in building consulting practices.

That meeting changed Elsom’s life because he learned he needed to position himself as an expert in his field, and he learned exactly how to do it.

Now Elsom goes around sharing that knowledge with others.

According to him, everyone is an expert at something.

The goal is to expand on that expertise so that you become the “obvious expert” – someone people naturally think of when they need services in your field.

And in this 50-minute audio presentation, you’ll hear exactly how to do that.

You’ll Also Hear . . .

*  Elsom’s easy 12-step formula that will take you from “newbie” to expert in less than a year

*  How to set achievable goals that will keep you on track and in business without feeling overwhelmed

*  How to use service clubs to promote yourself for free and some tips for getting a 14% response rate

*  Tricks for getting your promotional material into the hands (and bookshelves) of the decision makers – and out of their trashcans!

*  How to write a book in under a year and publish it for pennies

*  How to use the media to get free publicity for your business

*  And much, much more

This audio is an absolute necessity for HMA students because the ideas outlined in the presentation can be directly applied to your practice.

And if you follow Elsom’s steps, you’ll easily be able to grow your business in little or no time with little or no money.

Everyone knows you need to promote a business in order to grow it, but if you do it the wrong way, you’ll just be wasting your time and money.

However, if you become the obvious expert, you’ll have more clients, be able to charge higher fees, and receive all the referrals you need.

So sit back and listen to how to become that go-to expert for your consulting practice. It’s easier than you think.

If you want me to send you the link to this interview, all you have to do is ask.

PPS. You can fly

About the Author

Michael Senoff

I’ve spent the last five years of my life creating fascinating streaming audio interviews with big name marketers and getting them to spill the beans on how they got rich and famous and I’m giving most of my life’s work away free.

These interviews below are designed to be superior to any lecture out there.

They’re more informative, natural, and the information is more dynamic and dense.

The sheer scope of marketing and business growth information below is mind blowing.

Start clicking and get ready to discover this amazing gold mine!

Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts . . .

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On March 10, 2015 No Comments
Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts . . .

Others can forget how stressful it is to grow a business.

But it does not have to be that way.

When you have the right recipe for business growth it’s snap.

Here’s a interview that can trigger some sweet ideas on how it’s done.

I was being interviewed by Bill Ranieri about my HMA – Hidden Marketing Assets System.

After listening to this interview again, I think it’s one of my most concise explanations about what actually Hidden Marketing Assets Consulting is all about.

Anyway, you be the judge.

It’s titled . . .

How To Grow Your Health Related Practice Without Spending Money on Advertising.

Bill Ranieri has been marketing health, fitness and wellness operations for over twenty years.

He started with his own company, One-to-One Fitness & Rehab, and grew that one center into ten different multi-disciplinary clinics generating more than $6,000,000 in revenues.

He’s also the editor-in-chief of a wellness magazine that goes out to over 70,000 opt-in subscribers.

When Bill recently discovered hardtofindseminars.com he wanted to interview me so his subscribers could learn about a simple system of marketing called the HMA or Hidden Marketing Assets System.

HMA is designed to help you grow a business without the use of paid advertising like paid SEO, newspaper, magazine, radio or Valpak mailings.

And the beauty of the HMA is it’s fast and costs nothing but some time to execute.

It can be used in many different ways to make money for a health professional, copywriter, service business of coach or consultant.

In this interview, you’ll also hear…

* What the HMA Marketing Consulting System is and how it can help you.

* The ugly truth about traditional paid advertising.

* How to differentiate your business to stand out so you can charge higher prices.

* Quick and easy ways to reactivate past clients for fast profits.

* How to partner with another business and use their mailing or email list.

If you’re struggling in your business and are considering new ways to bring in more leads and clients, there are many “recipes for success” you can look into, and the HMA System of marketing is one of them.

In this interview, you’ll hear all about it.

Reply back if you want a link to the interview and I’ll send the download link right now.

You can fly.

Michael Senoff

About the Author

I’ve spent the last five years of my life creating fascinating streaming audio interviews with big name  marketers and getting them to spill the beans on how they got rich and famous and I’m giving most of my life’s  work away for free.

These interviews are designed to be superior to any lecture out there.

They’re more informative, natural and the information is more dynamic and dense.

Michael Senoff is the CEO and publisher of www.hardtofindseminars.com and http://www.myfirsthmaclient.com

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