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Archive for the ‘Kevin Fort Consulting Interviews’ Category

Kevin Fort on His Progress Growing His Marketing Consulting Business – Part Four

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On November 12, 2007 No Comments

Here is an update with HMA Consultant Kevin Fort on his progress growing his marketing consulting business. When we last talked with Kevin, he was planning to meet with a prospect – a local chiropractor who was looking to grow his business – with hopes of closing the deal.

Needless to say, the chiropractor became Kevin’s first client! In this recording, you will hear how Kevin negotiated the deal, how his first meeting with the client went, and what he planned as his next steps. You’ll also hear how much Kevin has learned about the chiropractic practice and how he has started to come up with ideas for obtaining new clients as well as finding his client’s hidden marketing assets through the reactivation of past customers.

If you’ve listened to my previous conversations with Kevin, you will be familiar with another potential “contingency” client – a photographer who really cannot afford Kevin’s consulting services. This would be a great project for Kevin to pursue in his spare time to gain valuable experience.

Kevin goes on to describe a new prospect who is currently working with a different marketing consulting group. However, after talking to Kevin, she confides to him that she is not very satisfied with her current consultant and will probably use Kevin’s consulting services as well!

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Kevin had also entered into business relationship with a bookkeeping and accounting firm. The company’s owner did an endorsed mailing of Kevin’s marketing consulting services to her 75 active clients. Included with the letter was an invitation to a free marketing workshop that will be hosted by Kevin. I’m anxious to hear how the workshop goes. Kevin send me the letter that he sent out. Download here to read the letter. The bonus of this new business relationship is that the bookkeeping and accounting company wants Kevin to conduct this type of workshop to its clients on a regular basis. This is a great way of getting in front of prospects time and time again.

Kevin is scheduled to conduct a sales training workshop at the local Chamber of Commerce. He expects to be presenting to approximately 60 people. Wow!

I’ll be bringing you future updates of Kevin’s progress. We all wish him success as an HMA Marketing Consultant.

For more information, go to http://www.hardtofindseminars.com/audioclips.htm.

Nailing Down The USP – A Call With Richard Kevin & Michael. Part Five

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On November 12, 2007 No Comments

During my last call with Kevin Fort, he told me that the next step in his work for his chiropractor client was going to be the development of the client’s USP. I had told him to give me a call if he needed any help.

Well, Kevin took my up on my offer as you will hear in this recording. He had done tons of research, taken copious notes during his meetings with the client, and has talked to several past and current customers. Only one real Unique Selling Proposition was surfacing: That the doctor has a wonderful, caring personality with his patients. Additionally, Kevin said that patients with traumatic injuries had been cured to the point that they need no additional treatments!

The fact that Kevin’s client is considered an expert at compression trauma treatment was not a Unique Selling Proposition because only about 25% of the patients actually had experienced this sort of injury.

Kevin and I discussed the possibility that the doctor’s personality and ability to get results may well be his Unique Selling Proposition. Although this is a great testimonial to the doctor, Kevin and I both felt that it was a vague Unique Selling Proposition solely on its own.

Enter Richard! Yes, I was able to get Richard on the phone immediately to help us with additional ideas for the USP. Kevin gave Richard the low-down on the client. Listen the types of questions that Richard asked to get the full picture. You will also hear the depth of the information that Kevin responded with, showing how well he did in his research.

Richard had some good ideas about the creation of a USP based on the doctor’s expertise and gave some great examples of how to accomplish this. Listen to Kevin’s response detailing his observations of his client’s business self esteem. The doctor knows that he has problems in his business.

You will hear Richard talk about “anti-USP’s.” In this case, the chiropractor’s business practices leave much to be desired. Due to this problem, any USP that Kevin develops for him would probably be negated by the client’s lack of good business procedures.

Richard suggests that Kevin confront his client and tell him that his business procedures must be fixed before pursuing additional marketing opportunities after the creation of the USP. It is suggested that Kevin offer to actually fix the problems with the business as his second project, if the client would agree. With that as an option, you will hear some ideas that Richard and I have to fix some of the major problems.

It’s important that you listen as we discuss what a “qualified prospect” is and how, unfortunately, Kevin’s chiropractor may not be as qualified as Kevin once thought. We also discuss the possibility that Kevin drop this client after developing the USP if he feels that the client’s business problems cannot be fixed. Being fair to your clients is of the utmost importance.

This recording is a “must listen” for all HMA Consultants. It is a valuable exercise in how brainstorming with others can put things into perspective very quickly. It also shows some stumbling blocks other than Kevin’s once-dreaded cold calling experiences that any consultant may experience at any time in his or her career.

For more information, go to http://www.hardtofindseminars.com/audioclips.htm.

The Matt Pepol Project

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On November 12, 2007 No Comments

The Matt Pepol project, like the Kevin Fort Project, is an ongoing series of audio interviews with new HMA Consultant Mr. Matt Pepol. He has agreed to let me capture his path to becoming a successful HMA Consultant. In this series of calls, you will experience what it’s like to start and grow into a successful consultant. You’ll hear all the real world challenges, objections and triumphs as it happens. At the same time, you’ll hear Richard and myself consulting with Matt throughout this progress. These interactive training sessions are a powerful way to learn the consulting business.

Here’s the first of three part USP training with HMA consultant Matt Pepol. Matt, Richard and myself are on the call. Here’s what it’s about. Matt had acquired two new clients and was ready to deliver the USP. He called me to make sure he was on the right track. Matt had several concerns and questions for Richard about his USP project. I called Richard to set a same day call to discuss Matt’s concerns. We’re going to cover some insights into developing the USP when companies have many different segments of business. I think you’ll find this real live case-study enlightening and will help you in developing stronger, more accurate USPs.

For more information, go to http://www.hardtofindseminars.com.