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For Mature Marketing Consultants Only . . .

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This is a blast from the past, a more mature interview but still so relevant today.

Dave Flannery has so many clients, he’s booked for the year – with one of them paying a retainer of $30,000 euro.

And in this update, you’ll hear all about Dave’s confidence and the real deals that have come from it.

Since he first started with the HMA system, Dave’s been one of the busiest consultants around.

Seven months later, he’s busier than ever and says if he can do it, anyone can.

And because he’s been in such high demand this year, next year he’s increasing his fees to $12,000 with a 15% retainer.

And you’ll get to hear all the details of his latest clients and his latest works (believe it or not, Dave has somehow found the time to write a book as well).

You’ll also hear . . .

* What two things you should always have your clients agree to do if you want your consulting business to grow like Dave’s

* More about Dave’s cost-reduction step and how it’s been working out for him

* Where Dave finds the easiest and most effective areas to reduce costs for his clients so they see immediate results

* Details of his 30,000-euro deal where he’ll be taking a company international – he’s also receiving 15% of the gross sales as part of that agreement

* Dave’s advice for new consultants on how to deal with rejection and “fake it ’till you make it”

Even though Dave has always made it look easy, he says his consulting business has only gotten a lot easier for him recently. Now, he can walk into any situation, size it up and answer 99.9% of the questions.

So sit back and enjoy this quick, half-hour update on how Dave’s been increasing his business and his confidence – and learn how you can do it too. Enjoy.

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New 2011 HMA Marketing Consulting interview at link

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Senoff’s Fat Boy Report . . .

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