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Rand Brenner Licensing Secrets Free Interview

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On February 19, 2010 No Comments


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“a reprieve with my wife” . . .

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On January 3, 2010 No Comments


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A Sweet Mistake . . .

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On November 12, 2009 No Comments

In 1930 Ruth Wakefield was running the Toll House Inn located in
New Bedford Massachusetts.

While mixing up a batch of plain cookies, she discovered she was
out of bakers chocolate.

So she broke off small chips of sweetened chocolate and added
them to the plain cookie dough.

Wakefield expected the chocolate would melt to make chocolate

She was shocked to see the chocolate had NOT melted into the dough.

And by mistake she had invented the chocolate chip cookie,
now commercially known as the Toll House Cookie.
Toll House Chocolate cookies are the most popular cookie in America today.

And it’s the same with my recent $20 Joint Venture Magic promotion.

The results were shocking ( in a sweet way ).

In my 6 years of marketing on and off line, I have NEVER had a
better conversion than my recent JV Magic Promotion.

And it was actually a mistake.

I was not planning on success with this promtoion.

And I would like to share the results with you.

On Monday November 16th at 10 AM PST I’ll release an 70 minute
audio interview and a PDF report with the full results of my recent
“$20 Joint Venture Magic Promotion.”

This is not an offer for my Joint Venture System.

It’s the sales and marketing results from my recent promotion.


My net profit before taxes made on this promotion . . .

The size of my master e-mail list . . .

The numbers of e-mails I sent during the promotion . . .

Number of click throughs to the sales page . . .

Numbers on the conversion . . .

The gross sales for each of the 4 days . . .

My total cost of the promotion . .

The number of refunds to date . . .

How I came up with the idea for this promotion . . .

The challenges I faced during this promotion . . .

What I would do different next time . . .

Number of complaints and unsubscribes over the 4 days . . .

Final thoughts about what made it successful including list, days
and times of the mailings, headlines of e-mails, web page layout
and support.

This interview will NOT be make available for free later on my

And it’s not included in any of my products.


Go to


It goes straight to the order form – there is no sales letter.

So if you need a sales letter, here’s the short version:

1.  If your saw this promotion in your e-mail and did not order but
    wanted to know what all these e-mails were about, get it.

2.  If you have a product or know someone who has a product that
    needs more sales and higher sales converstions, get it.

3.  If for any reason you don’t like it or change your mind in the
    two next years, you get a full refund and can keep it free

    (It’s impossible to lose with this guarantee.)
Here’s the link to order . .


P.S. Oh.. you’re also getting a collection of Joint Venture
Letters from my $297 JV Magic System.

These letters will help you set up your own Joint Ventures and the
letters are all in MS word so you don’t have to type anything out.

I think these letter are easily worth $97.00

So go here and get them

Don’t wait on this offer because it ends on Monday November 16th at
10 AM PST.
P.P.S. You’ll be hard pressed to find too many other internet
who show you the real results of their promotion. I promise to hold
nothing back.

Go to

Michael Senoff

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Michael is a husband and father of two young boys in Southern
California. He has a successful audio publishing business. Michael
is originally from Atlanta Georgia and is now based in San Diego,
California. Michael works with small to medium sized companies on
four different continents.

He is the author of the book: “TALK YOURSELF RICH”: (86 of the most
revealing, proprietary secrets on the subject of how to make more
money with audio interviews and the soon to be released sequel:
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