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The Wicked Wager . . .

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On May 14, 2012 No Comments

Back in the day, high school, I had a job as a bus boy at a BBQ restaurant called Tony Roma’s Ribs.

You may have heard of it.


The worst job you could have there was that of dish washer.

If it was you washing dishes that night, you were low man on the totem pole.

Everyone knew Booth, the dishwasher at Tony Romas.

Booth was a big and fat man with a blond greasy mop.

His hair was always falling over his eyes.

And there was gambling going on in the kitchen on most slow nights.

Frank, the kitchen manager and the line cooks would pitch pennies against the walk-in.

Busboys would play cards on the slaw prep table.

And on one summer night, Booth made the busboys a wicked wager.

He bet us $10 that he could drink a full class of whatever kind of liquid food we offered up without throwing it up.

And we took Booth up on his bet and began to make him a concoction of some of the grossest things we could find.

We filled up a big glass with ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, A1 Steak Sauce, relish and the hickory smoke sauce that Tony Roma’s would use to bake the ribs in.

We put in Tabasco, pepper and even milk.

And we all gathered around to watch Booth try to drink the goo down without barfing all over the place.

We did not want to loose our tips so we all secretly wanted Booth to fail.

Booth took the first sip and snapped his head back.

His eyes squeezed shut and he let out a red neck kind of yell.

We all started chanting.

Soft a first.

Then loader.

Booth….. Booth…… Booth….. Booth…… BOoth……. BOOth…….BOOTh……..BOOTH!

And before you knew it, Booth chocked down the entire glass of gross.

He slams the glass down and wipes his mouth with his sleeve.

We were all laughing.

Slapping our aprons.

And gagging at the same time.

Gary told Booth how gross that was and how he could not believe that he drank that stuff.

And I’ll never forget it.

Booth smiled, held out his hand and happily took our $10.

This story reminds me of all the gross stuff I’ve had to do in my life to get to where I am now.

Like late nights

Long tedious days

Setback after setback.

And I know I am not telling you anything new.

You’ve probably had it a lot worse off than Senoff.

You’ve got your glass of gross stories too.

Marketing Consulting can be gross.

Rejection is part of the game.

Setbacks will challenge your spirit.

And you’ll want to quit.

Hell, you’ll want to quit often.

But, if you can stomach these setbacks and frustrations for 90 days, you could be on your way to one of the sweetest careers a man or woman can have.

There are no secrets  . . .

But if you’re willing to work, willing to sweat and willing to fail, you can make it doing your thing.

I’ve got HMA Marketing Consultants doing their thang.

And if you would like to know more about what they are accomplishing in their consulting practice, replay to this blog by e-mail at michael@michaelsenoff.com and I will send you their stories.

In the subject line type in ALL CAPS


And I’ll send you their stories.

PS. I’m willing to make you a wager that you’re going to like what you see.

Michael Senoff

About the Author

Michael Senoff is the CEO and publisher of

The world’s leading free digital consulting audio business library.

Michael is an experienced Internet marketer and talk show host and
a popular professional interviewer. Michael has taught 100% online
around the country & around the world to more than 50,000 students.

His over-the-top online audio interview web site
http://www.hardtofindseminars.com is listed in the top 1% of most
visited web sites in the world.

Michael has also worked as a coach and adviser to other famous
marketing consultants.

Michael is a husband and father of two young boys in Southern
California. He has a successful audio publishing business. Michael
is originally from Atlanta Georgia and is now based in San Diego,
California. Michael works with small to medium sized companies on
four different continents.

He is the author of the book: “TALK YOURSELF RICH”: (86 of the most
revealing, proprietary secrets on the subject of how to make more
money with audio interviews and the soon to be released sequel:
AUDIO MARKETING SECRETS. How To Make Your Own Information Product
Using Audio Interviews.  Michael may be contacted at
Michael@michaelsenoff.com or at (858) 274-7851

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