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The Loosey Goosey Slot Interview . . .

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On April 10, 2014 No Comments

On a recent family trip to Reno Nevada, my family encountered a game in the downstairs fun center so loose it made my kids squeal with joy.

I look over and see both Alan and Joe jumping up and down by an arcade game called the “Dog Pound”.

You insert a token into the game slot and hundreds of orange balls start bouncing up and down in side the Dog Pound machine.

If your balls land in a good hole . . .


The machine would put out 100s of winning tickets.

Tickets my boys could exchange for toys and glorious prizes.

But this machine, she was different.

No matter what hole the little orange ball filled, the machine gave tickets.

And tickets

And more tickets.

And by the time we completed our game play, this loose slot gave us ALL her tickets.

Tickets we used for fabulous gifts and wounderful prizes.

It’s was the loosest Slot I Ever Did Knew.

And when I think about this “Dog Pound” game downstairs in the Grand Sierra resorts, I think about my recent two part interview with PR expert, Robert Smith.

In my interview, he would not shut up.

I would say. . .

“Robert, are you sure you want to reveal all of your PR Secrets for free?”

Robert kept on talking.

And I kept the digital recorder going.

It was as if he was spitting out PR tickets.

Tickets with PR ideas you can exchange for prizes worth a lot more than what the little man with the purple breard had at the toy booth for my kids.

You’ll get two parts to this interview.

It’s called . . .

How to Reverse-Engineer Your PR… and Always Have Publicity That’s Stacked In Your Favor

Public Relations expert Robert Smith has worked with the greats – Jay Conrad Levinson, Chet Holmes, Jay Abraham, Les Brown… the list goes on and on. And it’s little wonder.

He says when it comes to publicity you’ve got to be like “the house” in Vegas and stack the odds in your favor. In other words, stop guessing at PR when you can use strategies that make results mathematically yours. And in this two part audio interview, you’ll hear how to get them.

Robert uses reverse-engineering in his public relations business. Basically, that means you should stop sending out formal press releases that beg the media to run your story.

He say’s “Find out what kinds of stories your media is running first, then figure out how to fit in.”

It’s a new way to look at publicity that’s easier, smarter, and more effective. And in this two-part interview, Robert walks you through it all.

Part One: The 3 Easy Ways To Sell Yourself For Free

If you’ve never been on TV before, Robert says you’re missing out. It’s not only fun but it also bumps up your credibility instantly because if CNBC thinks you’re an expert, you’re an expert.

The best part about that kind of publicity is… it’s free, and could mean thousands in quick profits. And Robert says it’s easier than you think to get in a magazine, newspaper or on a show too.

But that’s just one of the three ways you can sell yourself for free. And in Part One of this audio, you’ll get a step-by-step look at all three.

You’ll also learn…

* How to use joint ventures with your PR – and the 3 questions you should ask yourself to create powerful ones

* All about the JV that changed Robert’s life (and the guy didn’t even get his name right!) – how he landed it, what terms he negotiated, how much he made, etc.

* The fastest-known way to be on a national talk show (or in a magazine, newspaper, radio show) and tell millions of people about your business for free

* The beauty of piggybacking – what that means and examples of how to do it for free publicity

* An insider’s look at how Robert nailed his biggest clients – and how he delivered on their huge publicity expectations (and how you can do that too)

* The 2 almost-always overlooked things you must be aware of to avoid letting the clock run out on your PR

Part Two: Powerful PR Techniques Your Wallet Will Love

Robert doesn’t play around with publicity. If he’s trying to get a client in a newspaper, and none of his free techniques are working – he’ll pay for a spot. It’s one of his biggest secrets. But he gets his spots for under $100, always.

Readers have no clue it’s not an actual article either because Robert makes it look like one, on a quarter page. And in Part Two of this audio, you’ll hear how he creates his articles and how he gets that amazing rate.

You’ll also hear how he runs a 30-minute cable production in any market… for around $60, and how he finds a targeted list of media contacts – names, numbers, and specialties – for $5. But that’s not all.

And in Part Two, he reveals the kind of insider tricks and techniques that save time, frustration – and tons and tons of money. He also goes over…

* The JV he struck up with Fed Ex – that illustrates just how effective piggybacking off the credibility of a giant can be

* The one thing you can do with every JV that will make your deals so sweet they’re hard to say “no” to

* Why you need to stop the outdated PR techniques of press releases and pitching and how Robert molds stories around his clients instead

* The video Robert watches every day on YouTube that helps him create and re-enforce his mindset for success – and why that’s so important

* The little story of how Robert earned a million dollars – from one client alone

* The only old-school PR tactic that’s still fresh and effective today (and that’s only because Robert says so many people have jumped on board the “shiny new object syndrome” of social media – no one’s doing this anymore)

* The “no-sweat, no-brainer” PR techniques you’ll want to use for every seminar… or book release, movie opening, product launch, etc.

* The art of co-op mailing – if you run yours like Robert does, you can send your next mailing out for free (or maybe even for profit)   Robert didn’t learn public relations in college, which is probably why his techniques aren’t bogged down with theory. He learned PR right in the trenches – first, creating it for his own company then expanding it to help others.

He saw the power Jay Abraham was creating with his reverse-engineering techniques, and he applied them to PR for amazing results… that are always stacked in his favor. And in this audio, you’ll hear how you can get those kinds of results too.

You know what to do if you want the link to this two part PR training.

PS. The Dog Pound arcade game my kids were playing spit out so many tickets that the machine was closed down for maintenance the next day.

With the right PR deal, you can experience a pay off like we did at the Dog Pound.

Stick with it and don’t quite and you’ll be on your way.

Michael Senoff

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How To Use Social Networking To Reach

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On June 7, 2009 No Comments

Mari Smith is a social networking expert who admits there’s a “gold-rush” kind of hype surrounding social media sites and what they can do for marketing. While it’s true social networking can bring tremendous results if done correctly, it’s also true that it can be a huge waste of time for anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. So in this audio, you’ll hear how to properly use social networking as the strategic marketing tool you need.

According to Mari, “when marketers move in, users move out.” In other words, you should look at sites like Twitter and Facebook the same way you look at networking events. You would never step through the door and start handing out business cards to every stranger there. You would build rapport and establish connections first. Social networking is no different. It’s about positioning and branding without being pushy and salesman-y, and in this audio you’ll hear exactly how to do that.

You’ll Also Hear…
  How to use “attraction marketing” and “curiosity marketing” in your social networking so that you pique interest without blatantly “selling” anything
  Exactly what gets indexed by Google on social networking sites and how to use that to your advantage
  How to use keywords in your messages so that you’re never wasting space and why you’ll want to listen for keywords in other people’s messages too
  How to be strategic about reaching out and asking for friends and why you should be picky about the friends you keep
  Great reference sites that will help you make the most of your social networking
  How to broadcast to your followers without looking like you’re blasting Spam
  Ways to get your friends and fans to jump off your social networking page and onto your business website

From baby steps for the beginner to tips for the seasoned pro, Mari’s got social networking down to a science. Her approach, which she calls Radical Strategic Visibility, combines social networking with more traditional marketing tactics for both online and offline exposure. And in this audio you’ll hear all about it.

Go to


The Do-It-Yourself Guide To Creating Free Publicity For Any Business

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On November 21, 2008 No Comments

Just about every business owner dreams of free publicity. And why not – two minutes of fame could mean thousands and thousands in profits. So if you’re wondering how to get the press coverage you need to drive your sales through the roof, this is the interview for you.

In it you’ll meet Margie, a Public Relations Specialist who has also created a product called the Do-It-Yourself PR Kit. And she’s going to walk you through some of the key steps to take for creating the kind of publicity you crave.

According to Margie, before you even think of contacting the media, you’ll need to think of an angle to present to them. Media contacts are usually very busy, so you’ll be lucky to get 30 seconds to pitch your idea. But if you make those seconds worth their time, you’ll have free press coverage and a future media contact. And in this interview you’ll hear how to do it.

You’ll Also Hear…
  How to pitch an idea to the media and how to measure the results of your free publicity
  How to write and send press releases – and examples of the script Margie uses when she talks to her media contacts
 Why the media likes “exclusives” and how to get many different networks vying for your time
 The number one mistake Do-It-Yourselfers make when it comes to public relations – and how to avoid it
 Real case studies that illustrate the steps Margie takes to get her clients publicity
 How to include a celebrity in your publicity and how to compile a simple media kit
 The most underutilized tactics for creating publicity that you thought were beyond your limits
 What one PR tactic every small business owner should be doing – especially if you only have time to do one
 Internet resources that come straight from the “Favorites” section of Margie’s computer
 And much more…

When you’re mentioned in a top-tier media outlet like CNN or USA Today, it instantly raises your credibility and opens the doors you never dreamed were available. And in this interview, you’ll hear how to do that, with even the tightest of budgets.