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How To Find And Keep Superstar Employees… And Other Tips For Small Business Owners

By senoff.michael@gmail.com On November 3, 2008 No Comments

When Tony Bass started his landscaping business more than 20 years ago, he knew a lot about landscaping, but only a little about running a business. So after struggling the first five years, he decided to do some research to analyze where his business was going wrong and what he could do to make it right.

This is the story of how Tony turned his business around. You’ll also hear how he created two inventions along the way while also writing a book about how to obtain and retain superstar employees. And in this hour-long interview, you’ll hear his tips and tricks for hiring the best employees possible. Believe it or not, money is not always the biggest motivating factor!

You’ll Also Hear…
  How to take an objective look at your small business, analyze where you’re losing money and calculate every missed opportunity
  Three ways to advertise for employees for free – you may want to hold off on the newspaper ad until you’ve tried these
  What it means to be a “superstar employee” and how to screen out applicants to find those qualified and honest overachievers
  The best place to meet prospective employees for job interviews, when to do a “group meeting” and how to talk about the pay scale
  Why Tony always makes his job offers in person and in writing
  Feasible benefits to set up for your employees that will keep them happy for the long run
  And much more!

Because entry-level landscapers are generally paid very little to start, Tony says he has had to figure out creative ways to recruit quality people. And in this audio, he shares many of those ways with us along with other tips for making your small business the best it can be. Enjoy. 

To hear the full interview, go to http://www.hardtofindseminars.com