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Michael Fishman Interview Interview

 How To Double, Or Even Triple, Your Marketplace And Get Your Direct Mailing Right An Interview With Legendary List Broker Michael Fishman


     If you think companies simply “luck into” their successful direct-mail campaigns, then this audio will amaze you. In it, you’ll hear from one of the world’s best list brokers, Michael Fishman, about how to expand your list universe and take the guesswork out of your direct mail promotions.

     And Michael knows what he’s talking about. Michael has been a trusted advisor to clients on marketing, positioning and business growth subjects for over 25 years.

     With special category expertise in health, personal development and personal finance, he has led work with Boardroom, Strategic Coach, Meredith Corporation, Agora, Rodale, Reader's Digest, Healthy Directions and many others. During his career, he has directed prospect targeting for some of the largest direct mail campaigns ever executed, with several campaigns which each acquired in excess of 250,000 new paid customers.

     Currently, separate and distinct from campaign planning, he offers consulting engagements to clients in the areas of multi-channel customer acquisition, product development, creative strategy and health market trends.

     Michael produces and facilitates the annual Consumer Health Summit, the industry's preeminent invitational mastermind event which he established in 1994.

     Michael was the only guest speaker at the historic Gary Bencivenga 100 Seminar. He has also been interviewed by Joe Polish for the Genius Network Series, internet marketing educator Ken McCarthy for the System Seminar teleclasses, and Google Adwords consultant Perry Marshall for his Renaissance Club.

     And in this interview, you’ll hear from the wizard himself about how he does his magic by expanding marketplaces and finding similarities where other list brokers don’t.

    But according to Michael, before you even think about expanding your list universe, you need to fully understand what your market is and how your product fits into it. And in this audio, you’ll hear how to do that.

You’ll Also Learn . . .

• How to think outside your immediate “category” and find customers in places you’d never thought to look

All about the different elements of a direct mail campaign and how they work together to create success

• How to run the kind of tests that validate demand for your product while giving you the kind of concrete results you can trust

3 things Michael looks for in a list to know for sure it will work

• All about word-branding and ways to build trust – even if nobody knows your name right now

Crossing over from Internet success to direct mail success – and vice versa

• All about the 3 types of direct mail – what works, what doesn’t, and what you’ll definitely want to avoid

     Finding target customers may be more strategic than you think. It usually involves tracking them down and getting them to migrate to your product.

     And this interview will tell you how to do that along with all the other things you need to know to take the guesswork out of your direct mail.

    Enjoy the interview.

Campaigns, Case Studies…And Cash:

Part 2 With Legendary List Broker Michael Fishman



     For more than 25 years, Michael Fishman has played an instrumental part in hundreds of direct mail campaigns and product launches. And in this audio he looks back at some of the best of his bunch to share the lessons he’s learned along the way.

     According to Michael, the marketplace has been trained over the years to accept certain kinds of mailing formats by certain companies and at specific price points. That’s why the campaigns of yesterday may not work today.

     So in this audio, you’ll hear Michael analyze the timing, marketplace, format, writing, price, and list of his campaigns to show exactly what makes for a homerun, then and now.

     And in addition to analyzing larger projects like Rodale’s launching of The Doctors Book Of Home Remedies, Michael also talks about how smaller mom-and-pops can run research on a 150-name list to make sure they have successful product launches as well.

You’ll Also Hear . . .

* How to know your marketplace well enough to trust the results of your tests and pinpoint where your problems are

* All about the different formats in direct mail pieces –Magalogs, component pieces, business reply cards, lift pieces, etc. -- and how to know when to use what

* The dangers and benefits of bill-me-later “soft” offers

* The difference between a product-driven approach and a market-driven approach and how to make sure you’re not just falling in love with a product that your market won’t care about

* How to find new lists and customers based on similarities in copywriting styles, voice, and headlines

* What You Need TO Know About headlines – how to make sure you’re not being too narrow or specific, the three “Cs” to a perfect headline (credibility, community and current events) testing to know what works

* Why you’ll want to segment your list when you run tests and launches – and ways to do that

     According to Michael, if you validate your product before you bring it to market, you’ll always be able to trust your research and your results, no matter how big or small your campaign is.

     And in this audio you’ll hear all about that, along with some tips and tricks on making every mailing campaign a homerun.

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