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 Electric Skateboard Audio Interview Promotion Used To Pre-sell, Educate And Qualify Clients Best Customers.

Here is a client I took on to help him free up his time so he could stop selling over the phone and spend more of his time marketing his business.

These interviews were designed to pre-sell, educate and qualify his best prospects. All while eliminating tier kickers and time wasters who are not qualified for one of these electric skateboard.

As you listen to these interviews, ask your-self what do you find you and your sales people saying over and over again that can be put to an audio interview?

Doing it this way will lower your marketing cost, increase sales and increase your closing ratio.

I hope this example shows you how to automate your selling process using audio interviews. Enjoy


What You Should Know About Electric Skateboards Before You Buy One


If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush that only speed, torque and power can give you, electric skateboarding is the perfect option for you. Taking a quick ride after work can be a better stress reliever than your wife’s yoga, but you won’t want to just dive right in and buy the first electric skateboard you come across.

Like any investment, if you don’t do a little research beforehand, you could end up with board that’s not going to perform the way you want it to, or can cause you some unexpected problems.

So in this 30-minute interview with Dave Lohrli, the owner of E-glide you’ll learn what's important to look for in an electric skateboard, the many options you have when choosing one, and how to make sure you’re going to get the most value for your money.

Here's What You’ll Gain From This Interview.

• Why imported Chinese electrical components can be dangerous.
• How long you can expect a good set of wheels and batteries to last and what you can do to make them last longer
• The different options in design, wheels, noses and trucks -- and a brief description that may help you decide what’s best for you
• Why wireless controllers and low battery indicators are worthless options that really don’t work
• What regenerative braking is – and why you’ll want to make sure you have it
• And much, much more

Many electric skateboards come from China nowadays. Problem is, their assembly isn’t checked using the same quality assurance standards as in other countries, and their staff is usually underpaid and under-trained. So you end up with an inferior electric skateboards and lots of electrical problems you never expected. And in this interview you’ll hear about some of these problems, along with some safety issues to look out for before making your investment.

There’s nothing more boring than a slow electric skateboard, and nothing more aggravating than getting one that breaks down right away.

At E-glide, every board is bench tested by skilled professionals who make and ride electric skateboards every day. They know what they’re talking about, and they care about the craft and the customer.

Fact is, there are a lot of electric skateboards out there, and each one is going to claim to be the best. You may want to do some quick research before you buy one, and this interview may be all the research you need.

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"The Smooth Ride You Get On An E-Glide Is The Closest Thing You’ll Ever Come To A Magic Carpet Ride."

Sam’s Townsend has been riding motorized toys for as long as he can remember. In fact, he’s the owner of a shop that sells E-glides and other power-driven toys called Myron’s Extreme Machines.

Sam won’t sell eXkates anymore because he got tired of all the complaints from owners when their boards broke down, and he found it nearly impossible to get replacement parts.

So in this 15-minute interview you’ll hear why this action-sports pro loves the E-glide. You’ll learn some if the ways electric skateboards have improved over the years and some important tips for beginner riders.

You’ll Also Hear…
• Why it’s even easier to ride one if you’ve never been on a skateboard.
• Hear why city busses and Trolleys like e-glides over gas powered scooters.
• How E-Glide has consistently gone above and beyond their warranty
• What Sam sees as the future for motorized skateboards

Sam will never forget the first time he took his E-glide down to the pier at Huntington Beach California. He says he felt like Moses parting the Red Sea with the way people stopped, stared and moved out of the way for him. And that, he says, isn’t even the best part. According to Sam, the smooth ride you get on an E-Glide is the closest thing you’ll ever come to a magic carpet ride.

And Sam should know. As the owner of an extreme machines toyshop, you know he’s tested just about every board out there.


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The Key To Finding Family Time In A Busy World

The first time Greg Bahr saw someone riding on an E-glide, he yelled to the guy to stop. He had to know more about the crazy thing he was riding on. Now Greg and his two sons all have boards that they like to take on the bike paths down by the beach.

Greg says he’s never encountered any major problems or hassles, except maybe a little jealousy from others. And you know with two sons, safety is always a concern for him.

So in this 6-minute interview you’ll hear…

  • How he makes sure his family stays safe while riding
  • Ways Greg uses his E-glide to unwind and relax
  • How he and his sons spend quality time on their E-glides

According to Greg, the E-glide is everything he dreamed of – and then some. And some of his favorite memories will always include the quality time he and his sons spend together on their boards. 


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Why This eXkater Turned To E-glide


Rene Bruce is an extreme sports veteran. As a former mechanic for an Olympic team, he segued into snowboarding, wakeboarding and even helped Louie Finkle develop the first electric skateboard, the eXkate.

Rene remembers eXkates as being really good in the beginning when Louie had his hands in the pot but went downhill fast when the new owners took the operation to China.

So in this interview, you’ll hear…
• Why Rene switched to E-glide and what the big problem is with China
• Why he prefers the tethered controller on the E-glide models
• Tips for first-time riders

Rene says his 10-lb dog loves to ride on his E-glide with him and people really trip out when they see them go by. So sit back and listen to why this former eXkater made the switch to E-glide. 


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How To Love Your Daily Commute
Without Compromising Your Safety


Matt Nelson says riding an electric skateboard can be as dangerous as driving your car while standing on top of it with nothing but a little controller in your hand. That’s why he says he wouldn’t trust his life with any other electric skateboard but the E-glide because he’s impressed with the way the company stays on top of industry standards and technology.

And safety is a priority for Matt because he uses his skateboard every day as his main form of transportation. He says it’s perfect because he can take it up serious hills in the city while still taking it onto public transportation when he needs to.

You’ll Also Hear…
• Why Matt likes electric skateboards better than electric scooters
• What Matt does when he sees a cop while he’s driving on the street
• How he makes sure his board doesn’t get stolen when he goes inside stores

Matt says the E-glide allows him to enjoy getting to where he needs to go because it’s not just a mode of transportation; it’s unlike any other experience he’s ever known. 


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Why One E-glide May Not Be Enough


For Tommy Long, one E-glide just isn’t enough. He likes owning two so that he can alternate them out and ride a charged one all day long. Not a bad idea since he uses one for his three-mile commute to work every day and the other when he gets home to relax and unwind from the day’s stresses.

But he didn’t just stumble onto the E-glide. After some research, he initially bought an eXkate. But like many others before him, he experienced too many problems with his eXkate, so he sought out something better. Once he found E-glide, he never looked back.

In This 3-Minute Interview You’ll Also Hear…
• Why he prefers E-glide
• Why he says the Goodyear tires for the E-glide are worth every penny
• His tips for beginners

Even though he was never into regular skateboards, Tommy knew he wanted an electric one, or two. So sit back and listen to why this electric skateboarder likes owning more than one E-glide. 


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