Closing Sales Techniques Closing Sales Techniques with Ben Gay III "Listen...I've been searching the referral marketing information for over two years. Then one day, by accident, I stumbled across this site, it totally impacted my life and changed my mind-set about marketing and the Internet completely. " Jim Davis a true disciple of Michael Senoff

Closing Sales Techniques By Ben Gay III From "The Closers"

Ben Gay Introduced The Sales World To The Closers, The Most Popular - Most Powerful Sales Training Material Ever Produced

Ben Gay III Interview, Part I

Ben Gay III The Closers

Ben Gay III

35 years of top-level, professional selling experience has made Ben Gay III a legendary figure in the sales world. A world-famous salesman, sales trainer, author, consultant, and speaker, he still sells on a daily basis! Ben Gay has been the #1 salesperson at every single company with which he has been associated. It's not surprising that his book, The Closers, which explains selling the way it really is, is the most powerful book on selling ever written with over 3,000,000 copies sold.

In this interview, Ben Gay III reveals how his selling success sprang from a childhood fascination with the yarns of a former-slave and local Civil War veterans in mid-Century, which spawned an unquenchable passion for meeting interesting people. At his father's knee, he learned the amazing ability of a master closer to move people to action through the sheer power of talk.

After a successful career as a youthful buyer at Macy's, he moved into direct sales and discovered the power of multi-level marketing where he met and worked with renowned salespeople, including the greatest Master Closer he ever worked with, James H. Rucker, Jr., J. Douglas Edwards, Fred Herman, Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Bill Dempsey, and Ray Considine, among others. In this no holds-barred interview, he shares the absolute unvarnished truth with you.

While sharing fascinating anecdotes about his career, Ben Gay III dispenses selling tips, techniques, and secrets. You'll discover:
• The key to sales success: always sell a competitively priced, quality product to qualified customers
• How a closer thinks: the secret of Sales Closing Power
• How to get the sale that day!
• How your success depends on the effectiveness of your sales presentations, telephone sales scripts, and direct mail letters
• And much, much more!

So meet Ben Gay III...the person with the unique ability to explain selling in down-to-earth terms you can easily understand and apply. The Closer is the sales closers bible, the one book you must have in your personal library. My interview with Ben Gay, the master closer, is one you shouldn't miss either.


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Discover The Mother Lode Of Marketing And Sales Lore:

Ben Gay III Interview, Part II


Although my first interview with Ben Gay III was chock full of fascinating stories and invaluable selling secrets, believe it or not, there's more! On top of his legendary status as a world-famous salesman, sales trainer, author, consultant, and speaker, Ben Gay is the founder and executive director of the National Association of Professional Salespeople with a membership in six figures.

And talk about inspirational! Ben Gay spent 12 hours a weekend for five years at San Quentin with his People Builders program that successfully enabled his students get off the prison merry-go-round, reducing recidivism by over 80%. And get this. Ben Gay even "did time" with Charles Manson. He was attitude coach for the crews of Apollo 15, 16, and 17, working with astronauts Alan Shepherd and Jim Irwin.

While his stories about his brushes with the famous and the infamous are captivating and inspirational, you can't afford to miss the sales and marketing wisdom that Ben reveals in this interview.

In This Interview, you'll learn...

• The secrets of closing and how to become a Master Closer
• Why confidence is your most important asset and how to build it
• How he took a catch phrase and turned it into gold
• How to take an objection and turn it into a benefit
• How to become a sales infiltrator
• How to use the Internet to multiply your sales
• The Step-by-step phases of his foolproof sales process
• The magical ingredient that separates The Closers from all the other sales training programs
• And much, much more!

Ben Gay tells you about selling the way it really is and not the way we wish it were. As Ben Gay would say, "It's the presentation, stupid!" So tune in to radio station WII FM (what's in it for me?) and prepare to be blown away by the master.


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Marketing Secrets Learned In Prison:
An Interview With Legendary Sales Coach Ben Gay III

Ben Gay III Interview Part III

Ben Gay III is a world-renowned sales trainer and author of The Closers. He's worked with marketing giants like Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar and Ray Considine, and has helped countless businesses increase their sales performances.

Although Ben ran a prison program for five years called People Builders that taught prisoners and staff alike how to set and achieve goals, it wasn't until he was sent to prison himself that he learned some of the most valuable lessons about business and life.

So in this audio, you'll hear Ben's incredible story about how he was railroaded on multi-level marketing charges and sent off to prison - but how he took his sales training with him to help the people around him turn their lives around - all while virtually running his business from behind bars.

You'll Also Hear…

• The truth behind Ben's indictment and the one mistake he made that got him 15 years in prison
• What Ben knows about Earl Nightingale that most people don't
• Secret techniques Ben's learned from Ray Considine for networking in even the strangest of places
• The cheap trick Ben's wife used that almost bankrupted his business while he was in prison and how he got it all back
• An "almost magic" way to command respect anywhere - Ben had everyone calling him "Mr. Gay" in prison - even the guards
• The one-and-only proven-effective sentence to use in marketing that gets a name out there, even when no one has heard of it

It would have been easy for Ben to just sit around and do his time for the six years he was in prison, but instead he took "his show on the road" and taught everyone he came in contact with how to effectively turn even the most negative of situations into a positive.

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