Paul Huljich Interview "Listen...I've been searching Health and Wellness information for over two years. Then one day, by accident, I stumbled across this site, it totally impacted my life and changed my mind-set about completely. " Jim Davis a true disciple of Michael Senoff

How One Man Cured His Bipolar Disorder:
An Interview With Paul Huljich

Paul Huljich seemed to have it all. As one of the pioneers of the organic food movement, he enjoyed a net worth of 100 million when he cofounded a very popular organic business. Then one day, it all came crashing down when he experienced a terrifying mental breakdown that included thoughts that he was Jesus Christ and that he could fly. Paul was declared mentally insane, was made a ward of the state, and was told there was no cure for his insanity. 

It was bipolar disorder. But Paul didn’t take the doctors at their word when they said there wasn’t a cure. He went back to his roots in organic food to look at what he ate, how he exercised, slept, his stress factors and the addictions and obsessions in his life. He never gave up, and he says he was able to cure himself. And in this interview, you’ll hear all the lifestyle changes he made that did it..

You’ll Also Hear…

  • An in-depth look at exactly what bipolar disorder feels like from an insider’s perspective

  • The warning signs of the disorder – and the scary reason Paul says “prevention is far better than recovery”

  • The exact protocol Paul followed to cure his bipolar disorder – down to his daily routine of diet and exercise

  • The surprising role that chemical imbalance plays in bipolar disorder and the 4 neuro-chemicals you need to be listening to

  • The problems usually caused by the standard treatment for this disorder (medication and institutionalization) and what should be done instead

Paul says the way doctors currently treat bipolar patients only turns them into walking time bombs. They live life never knowing when another episode will happen. But it doesn’t have to be that way. And in this audio, you’ll hear the wellness plan this man developed to cure his bipolar disorder without medication, and how you might be able to do that too.  

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