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Doctors are still baffled…

Did The Power Of Positive Thinking Really Help Cure This Senator’s Paralysis?

An Interview With Omer Rains

Omer Rains is probably best known for his role as a California Senator back in the 1970s and 80s. But later on, when he was 61, he suffered a brain aneurysm that should have ended his life or, at best, left him in a vegetative state. He spent a month in ICU, was carried home in a gurney, and was told by doctors he’d never walk again.

But Omer had other plans. And in this audio, you’ll hear the amazing story of the full recovery he made that may have you rethinking the power of your thoughts, beliefs, and goals.

 You’ll Also Hear…

  • The three things Omer says all successful people have in common – do you have these traits?

  • The escalating factors doctors believe led up to Omer’s aneurysm (he had no medical predisposition or physical warnings)

  • Why doctors specifically told Omer not to try to “fix” his paralysis, why he did it anyway – and how

  • A quick story that may have you questioning every “coincidence” that happens in your life

  • Why “giving back” is so important to your own personal health and the amazing ways Omer is doing it

Omer says you shouldn’t be in awe of the “great people” in life. Everyone falls, so it’s not a matter of how many times it happens. It’s how many times you get up that affects your success. And in this audio, you’ll hear all about the mindset that makes for greatness, and Omer’s amazing journey finding it.

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